Core Workout Standing

hey guys dr christiannis welcome to follow me friday if you like this information today please subscribe and click that little thumbs up button we're going to work on a core workout standing so not just the abs everybody forgets that we've got hip and butt muscles and leg muscles that also play a part in our core you don't need any equipment unless of course you want it you can always grab some dumbbells and a band to make it more challenging but this was designed so you don't have to use anything so let's get started i'm going to step to the side just a little bit here arms are going to come out in front i'm going to take a nice big step to the side and add a rotation so think about really squeeze into those abs as you turn and let those abs turn you okay so there's four so band would go above the knees here five we're going to get 10 in each direction six seven eight nine i'm also working those side leg muscles ten ten nine make sure you're not just swinging eight real control here seven six five four three two and one more great you're gonna bring those legs wide turn those toes out come right into a plie let those knees come right over those toes hands in the center we're gonna add a little pulse here for one 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 keep it going 10 9 8 7 six five four three two and one inner thigh work there bring those legs together i'm gonna clasp those hands and bring that knee up and add a little twist so there's two three four five six seven really squeezing eight try to let those lower abs nine do that work instead of those hip flexors too much one two shift don't lean three four sorry five think about swing through six seven eight nine and one more is ten now you may want to lean against something if you need to for balance leg's going to bend a little bit i'm leaning over to that side arms coming out i'm gonna squeeze and lift that leg at the same time really keep that leg to the side there's two you can have a weight in your hand here this pacman three four try not to rock back and forth though five six seven eight buns of steel here nine and ten switching sides a little bit of that lean to that side knee bend arm comes out oops lift and squeeze two three four five six don't fall over seven eight nine and ten one more exercise i'm going to turn this way so you can see me a little bit better you're going to turn that leg out to the side lift and squeeze into that butt and then squeeze that leg back let whoopsie see and squeeze try not to touch down if you can avoid it here's three you can touch that toe down if you need to four extend it five six you can always hold on with one hand too seven or take out the arms if you need to eight nine again really squeeze into those buns as you come up other side here we go last one so turn that foot out a little bit lift it back squeeze and lift don't hold your breath though here's two so you're pausing in the middle just a touch four five a little mobility here too you can hear things snapping and popping there a little seven eight nine and ten awesome you did it you worked it all thanks so much for tuning in today

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