What I Eat In A Day For Weight Loss

– Hey guys, in today's video, I'm gonna show you how to lose weight, and I'm gonna show you how to lose weight by showing you exactly what I eat in a day for weight loss. (upbeat music) Hey guys, so before I eat anything in the morning, I always take my Athletic Greens supplement. All I have to do with this is just mix it with eight ounces of water. I just put a scoop in here, and I have that, and I normally wait about 10 minutes, and then I will have my breakfast. In just that small amount, there are 75 wholefood vitamins, minerals, and wholefood-sourced ingredients. It's paleo and keto-friendly as well as dairy and gluten-free, so it's also suitable for vegans. Athletic Greens is amazing because it's low in calories and has less than one gram of sugar per serving. I've been taking this wholefood dietary supplement for just over two months, and I've really noticed a difference in my gut health and metabolism. I've noticed less bloating since this aids in digestion and helps to maintain intestinal flora. The supplement is an antioxidant equivalent of 12 servings of fruit and vegetables, which is impressive, right? No wonder why my digestion has been so great recently. Right now, Athletic Greens has an amazing offer available just for you guys watching. You will get free $77 worth of Athletic Greens travel packs with your first purchase, which is not only a great saving, but it's going to help you on your weight loss journey. You can get yourself Athletic Greens from my custom link in the top of the description box below, so make sure you guys check it out. So now that I've had my Athletic Greens shake, the next thing that I'm gonna show you is my breakfast. Now, today I'm gonna be sharing one of my favorite breakfast recipes, which is protein pancakes. I normally have this about three times a week because not only is it delicious, it's pancakes, but it's super quick and easy to make. So what you're gonna need is about a scoop and a half of protein. I'm using my new favorite protein, which is this chocolate-flavored one. So in your bowl, what you need to do is take a scoop of your protein powder, place it in the bowl, and then add in a little bit of the baking powder, mix it in with your two eggs, and just stir. So it does take a while for the mixture to combine, but just stir as quickly as you can and make sure you grab all the powder from around the sides. If you need to add in a dash of milk to make the batter a little bit less thick, then just keep adding as much as you like. I normally only use a dash. So once everything's combined, make sure that your pan is nice and hot. I like to use oil in mine, but you're welcome to use coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, or even butter. So just add a little bit to the pan, make sure that it's covered everywhere, and then what you're gonna do is spoon in your mixtures. Now, you can make the pancakes as big or small as you like. I normally just use one tea to tablespoon, and I normally get about five pancakes out of those. Now, the key thing to do with the pancakes is make sure that when you start to see bubbles appearing, that is the perfect time to flip over your pancakes. So once they are ready and done to the consistency of your liking, place them off of the pan onto your plate, and then you can add your toppings. So for mine, I am using peanut butter, bananas, raspberries, and a little bit of honey. So those are my protein pancakes. I hope you all enjoy making them. I'm gonna tuck in and enjoy this right now because I've done a workout and I need the energy, and I'll see you guys at lunch. So it's now currently half two, and I haven't eaten any food for about four hours because those protein pancakes really keep me full for longer. So now it's time for lunch, and I'm gonna show you exactly what I love to eat on a day-to-day basis for weight loss. So today, I'm gonna be having tuna with some red kidney beans and a side of vegetables. So moving on to lunch, this is very simple and quick for you to do. So all I'm using is half a courgette and half of a red pepper. You're gonna start by cutting it up into the sizes that you wish to use. I like to just quarter mine, and again, I will just half the red pepper and then cut it up into smaller pieces. Then, all you're gonna do is add your vegetables into a medium-hot pan with some oil once again and cook those through. Now, while those are cooking on the pan, you can grab your tuna can and just place your tuna onto one plate. Then, also what you're gonna do is grab your beans of your liking. For this, I am using red kidney beans, and all I'm gonna do is use about three tablespoons. Now, once your vegetables are ready, just take them off the pan and place it onto the plate. I like to drizzle mine with a little bit of mustard, and I sometimes do use honey mustard as well. For you, I would advise that if you do like mayo, try switching and using mustard because it is lower in calories. And that is it. It is so simple and easy for you to cook, and it is really delicious and full of fiber. Hey guys, so it's now about half four in the afternoon. I'm not gonna have a snack. I'm actually just gonna not eat anything 'cause I'm not hungry until about half six for dinner, which is quite early for me, but I've been doing this recently and I feel that it's the best thing for not only to lose weight, but I just think in terms of my appetite, it seems to work so much better and it allows my digestion to digest my food before I go to bed. Anyhoo, right now, what I am gonna do, though, is have a cup of tea, and I've made myself some dandelion tea. I have this when I feel like I'm carrying a lot of water weight, and I normally would have it about once a week. It's literally just dandelion leaves loose in a French press. I let it sit for about 10 minutes, and then out of this, I'll probably get about three cups. So I'm gonna have this now while I continue to work, and then I will catch up with you guys when it's time to have my dinner, and then after dinner, dessert. So guys, it's now about half past six in the evening, and I'm hungry, so I've decided I'm gonna do my dinner now. So I've actually meal prepped everything 'cause I'm a big believer in meal prepping just because it saves so much time and energy. So what I'm having tonight is a turkey mince shepherd's pie that I made the other day. So all I have to do is literally heat this up, and I'm gonna do it in the microwave. Then, again, big fan of meal prep, so I've already prepped my plantains. I have a huge obsession with these at the moment. They are super high in fiber, really filling, and they've just got a really nice, sweet taste to them, so they go really well with the turkey. And then also, what I'm just about to cook fresh is my vegetables now. I love to cook my vegetables fresh every single night. So what I've done is I've just got some Brussels sprouts roasting here in the oven, and I just top them with some chili flakes and a little

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