5 Minute Intense Sixpack Workout (AT HOME)

hi guys and welcome back to my youtube channel today we are doing a 5-minute intensive six pack workout so make sure you guys have some water nearby you can add this onto an end of a workout or if you don't have a lot of time you can just do it on its own don't forget to hit that like and subscribe button for my channel because they upload new workout videos every single Thursday and you support it every single [Music] okay guys we're gonna jump straight in today we're doing 50 seconds on with a 10 second rest the first exercise we're going into is a hip dip so we're going to be on one side you can pick your left or your right and you're just going to pulse up and down so where there are 25 seconds on the first side and then we'll reverse over to the other side and do another 25 seconds for this exercise it's definitely easy to go onto your elbows and do make sure that you're sucking your navel into your court the whole time okay ten seconds left to keep pushing excellent you guys can rest here now the next exercise that we will be going into is a mountain climber but it's going to be slow and with your knee you basically want to make sure it goes up then you want to go into the opposite side of your elbow and then on the outer side like a spider-man so in other elbow and then add elbows now for this exercise I definitely need it's best to go slower definitely do not try it and go too fast the reason being is because you want to make sure that you are really engaging every single element of your core okay haven't got long left now so keep pushing through I know this one burns when you're doing it but it definitely is going to help get you those abs [Music] amazing okay so Preston and we're going into the next exercise now the next exercise is a boat position and basically what you're going to do is with your feet you're gonna almost draw an end so up down up down literally just think that with your toes and you're drawing them in the shape now the trick with this one is to not let your feet completely touch the ground you just want to actually make sure you're constantly lifting them up this is going to really help to engage the lower abs and the top of the abs a 1/2 wafer [Music] keep pushing guys ten seconds and max okay so the next exercise you're going into is a combination so you're going to be doing four mountain climbers and then to reverse crunches so let get ready and go one two three four and then you're going to go straight into to reverse crunches now with the reverse crunches I just bring my feet down and let my toes touch the floor if it's easy and you want to put your hands under your bum like I'm doing please do I just do this to support my back now with this exercise again you can go as fast or as slow as you'd like there's and you don't really need to go too fast or too slow I like doing a sort of a medium pace [Music] ten seconds left make sure you guys are definitely breathing out when you are doing the reverse crunches and the bicycles okay so rest here now and we're going to go into the final exercise which is going to be a rollup with twists get ready and go so roll up and then twist four times in total so it's almost like a little Russian twist at the top so come up balance and then four twists now this exercise is a really great combination because it's going to work on your stability your core and the twist is going to help you engage the obliques definitely do not rush this exercise because you want to make sure you really are thinking about engaging all your core here make sure to also get your elbows to touch your outer knee as well you've got ten seconds left [Music] final one and you guys are done well done for completing my intense six pack workout thank you so much for watching guys I hope you enjoyed this five-minute intense six pack workout don't forget to leave me a comment below on what you thought and if you guys want to see any other workout like this also don't forget to hit that like and subscribe button for my channel because it really dump out have a lovely morning afternoon evening whatever time it is here and I'll see you guys on Sunday

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