6 Healthier Cheat Foods (Your Favourites)

maybe today's videos I'm gonna show you how you can still eat cheap mills and be healthy how using these six amazing cheap meal replacement recipes so if you don't want to give up pizza and ice cream then continue to watch this video okay guys so recipe number one is going to be ice cream I'm gonna show you how you can make a healthy version all you need is around a tub of some Greek yogurt you need a tablespoon of honey and then you need either book of vanilla pod or you just need some vanilla essence add everything into a bowl stir together put it into a pot and put it in the freezer for around 2 hours recipe number two is my go-to healthy cookies now I love these and you can even pick them up in the microwave and they taste amazing so all you need for this is around 90 grams of dark chocolate chips you need 2 cups of rolled oats half a cup of coconut oil 1/4 cup of honey 2 tablespoons of vanilla essence 1 egg 1 teaspoon of baking soda and a pinch of salt okay so to get started guys you're gonna pre-heat your oven to around 170 degrees now if you're using rolled oats put them into a food processor and just blend them so you get a flour like consistency then you're gonna add that to a bowl and add all the ingredients together mix up stir it so you get a dough like consistency then you're going to put that onto a baking sheet or parchment paper put it into some round bores and squish it down then all you're going to do is pop that in the oven and bake it for around eight to 10 minutes or until the edges start to go a bit more crispy and golden once they're ready take them out of the oven and allow them to cool like I said if you want to eat the warm up please do because they are delicious and what you can also do is you can add at some of that Greek yogurt ice cream we did put them in between two cookies and then you have yourself an Ice Cream Sandwich you're welcome my third recipe is my you go to pancakes now I love these on a Sunday because they are so delicious and they're healthy so all you need for this guy's is 50 grams of almond flour 1 egg you need 15 milliliters of almond milk and then for your toppings of choice I like to go for a mix of berries some honey and even sometimes nut butter so the choice is completely up to you on this one so all you're going to do for your pancakes guides is add everything into a bowl mix it up to combine and then we're going to heat a medium-sized frying pan and we're going to put it on a low to medium heat now you can either add in butter or some olive oil once the pan is hot i advice shooting in your mixture or just pouring it in into the size pancakes that you want cook on each side until they're a nice golden brown color flip over and then add everything onto a plate now for your toppings like I said it's completely up to you add your toppings on the top and serve or warm my recipe number four is a quick pizza now this is so delicious and so quick to make that you have no excuses not to dive into keeps up when it's Tuesday now all you need for this recipe is one tortilla wrap or you can actually just get a gluten-free wrap whatever your preference you need summer tomato sauce you need some cheese and then you need toppings of your choice now I like to go for a mix of vegetables and even some protein like chicken or turkey so all you're going to do for this recipe is preheat the oven to 190 degrees lay out your tortilla wrap add on your tomato sauce your cheese and your toppings pop it into the oven let that cook let that bake for around 7 minutes then you arts done a very quick and easy pizza to have again you can have two of these if you really like you can have it with a side salad or you can make yourself some healthy chips the choice is yours my fifth healthy treat no recipe to do today is crisps now I know tons of people love to eat crisps but you're concerned about the food and ingredients that are in them so this is a great recipe for you all you need for this is one beetroot and one sweet potato olive oil and salt and pepper or seasoning of your choice so let's dive in to show you how to exactly and make these pre-heat your oven to 350 Celsius take your beat and your sweet potato and cut very thin me into crisp like shapes and everything into a bowl drizzle with a little bit of olive oil salt on pepper or like I said flavorings of your choice then you're going to take that and scatter it onto a baking tray even them out a bit and then pop them in the oven you only need to bake this for about 25 to 30 minutes do keep your eye on them but once they are ready take out and let them cool on the side you guys can serve this with some hummus or you can enjoy them on your own that I hope you guys do make this fun because this is a definite go-to for me and I sixth and final healthy cheat meal recipe is loaded fries now who does not like loaded fries I'm going to show you a very quick and healthy way to make these all you need is a sweet potato some cheese bacon this is optional olive oil and seasoning again of your choice I like to use paprika and garlic powder so let's jump in how to make this recipe sent the ovens around 350 Fahrenheit and then we're gonna do is let that preheat then what I want you to do is take your sweet potato and cut up into fryer like sizes drizzle with olive oil paprika and your garlic powder and put on a baking tray and bake in the oven straightaway you're going to want to bake this for around 35 minutes but it will depend on your type of oven but just make sure to keep an eye on the chips constantly checking the color and just prodding them with a fork once they're ready take them at the oven put it into a baking dish put all the chips at the bottom and scatter your cheese on top now if you are using bacon we're going to go through that next but all I want you to do now is pop that back in the oven and allow that to basically gets the consistency of the cheese that you like this should only take a few minutes now for your bacon all you need to do is fry this in a pan with a little bit of olive oil once it's ready to take it off and cut into little pieces now take your chips and cheese at the oven scatter your bacon on top and enjoy it straight away now these loaded fries are so easy to make and they are super delicious if you guys want to add anything with that like salsa or guacamole the choice is yours so if you guys like this and yummy video then be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel right now just click on the button below this video and if you want exclusive health and fitness tips then head over to my website holy doll keep calm right now to sign up it's free now I want to turn it over to you are you going to try the pizza or the ice cream recipe first let me know in the comments below you

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