7 Min Flat Stomach Workout – Slow and Hard

hey guys welcome back to my youtube channel and if you are new i'm holly and i am on a mission to make you feel confident in your body and your mind so for today's workout video we are doing a seven minute flat stomach workout so this is going to be a routine that will be slower movements but it's going to help to really connect with your deeper inner core and make sure that we're toning those muscles to help get you a nice flat and toned stomach so let's jump straight in hi guys and welcome to your tummy workout today for the first move you're going to be laying on your back and we're going to be doing assisted crunches so for this move you want your hands to be on your thighs and as you come up into a crunch position you want to slide them up to your knees so we're going to be doing two pulses here as you can see you're going to crunch and then crunch up again so with this move i want you to make sure that you're bringing your head and those shoulders off of the floor you're really engaging that corn exhaling as you come up into the crunch positions and then inhaling as you come down imagine that you have a corset on it's really tight you've got to suck that belly to the spine [Music] great work keep going [Music] amazing so for the next move your leg is going to be out in a diagonal flat and the other leg is just going to be bent with the foot on the floor so for this move as you crunch up you're going to lift one leg up straight and then on the second crunch you're going to bring that knee in towards the chest this is going to help to target those lower abs as well as those obliques and of course the upper as you're coming up in the crunch so keep the toes pointed lift the leg up and then bring it in for a crunch 50 seconds of this on again make sure you're keeping that stomach nice and tight [Music] that's it keep going keep breathing exhale on those crunches [Music] amazing work so we're going to repeat that now but on the other side the same exercise same cues just the other side now for 50 seconds okay so lift it up crunch it in lift it up crunch it in great work again keep that stomach controlled keep everything sucked in nice and tight really feel the connection there with your core keep it contracted [Music] that's it keep going keep pushing through you're doing so well focus on your goal here [Music] amazing work okay so for the next move it's 25 seconds on but it's gonna be back to back so for the first move for the same move is your legs are going to be crossed and you're just going to bring those in towards the knee and as you do you're going to lift up into a crunch position this is a great exercise for targeting all of those muscles and it's just a really fun one to do as it's different so as you were crunching up bring those hands down towards your bum and then bring them back up to your head really crunch in the middle i really want you to squeeze those core muscles switch on over other side so across the other leg keep powering through you've only got about 20 seconds left on this amazing work okay so for the next move i want your legs to be flat on the floor but i want them to be in a v position so i want your legs slightly spread apart and all i want you to do is stay up in a crunch position and alternate between swinging your leg over to the other leg and then back down to the floor so this movement is all about control of the leg i don't want you to think about how many reps that you can get in here just really focus on lifting that leg up slowly and then bringing it back down to the floor this is going to help to really focus on those lower abs [Music] [Music] excellent work okay let's come up onto our bums now so what we're going to be doing for the next one is balancing slow bicycles so what i want you to do is lean back slightly and as you twist your body i want the opposite knee to touch the opposite elbow twisting around to really engage our obliques focus on our waists and i really want you when you get to that crunch position to hold it just for a moment and then lower the feet back down again keep the cork contracted i know i say it but it's so important you really want to make sure that everything's tight you're exhaling out as you're holding that crunch lowering the leg slowly and then twisting the body [Music] [Applause] okay for the final exercise let's come down to the floor this one is a slight more of a challenge especially if say you've had a baby and you're trying to really focus on the core so you're gonna roll up slowly into a sit-up and then you're gonna give me eight punches at the top and then you're gonna roll back down slowly if for any reason you cannot come up into a sit-up position or again like i said if you've had a baby and the strength is just not there and you're worried about diastasis then i want you to just come up into a crunch position hold it you can do some punches and then lower back down so really engage the core as you lower back down on the spine come back up slowly and then give me those punches [Music] and that's it guys so guys that was the end of your flat stomach work i hope you all really did enjoy this if you did don't forget to hit that like button and also subscribe to my youtube channel because it really does help and plus i put out some great short effective workouts so if you guys liked this please let me know in the comments below what was your favorite workout that we did in this sequence other than that guys that is it from me and i will see you all next week [Music]

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