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what's going on everyone i'm katerina contours and i am hoping to be your new host for this x-hit channel so make sure you let me know how you like this workout or what other workouts you want to see by commenting below but first we got to do this workout together so we are doing an eight minute ab workout it is short but it is intense so we have six different exercises it's gonna be 30 seconds of work with a 10 second transition rest period so we have six exercises we're gonna repeat that two times through those puppies are gonna be crying i'm so excited let's do this all right so our first exercise is gonna be plank reach we're gonna be starting let's go 30 seconds so you're gonna be in a plank position and you're going to reach out as far as you can make sure you're not transitioning your hips like this don't move those hips keep them as still as possible and you're just transitioning that weight into the palm of your hand just about 15 seconds left keep going if you can't reach we can modify it and just hold that plank make sure you're engaging your core we have three seconds left almost there and rest quick breath we're going to go right into a dead bug i know this looks and sounds funny we're going to keep our core engaged nice and tight let's do this so just think opposite arm opposite leg you want to tap that toe on the ground you want to keep your back nice and flat all the mamas out there this is great to really engage your core build your core strength and honestly this workout is amazing for everyone for stability five seconds almost there and rest all right we're going right into side planks we're going to start on our left side so our left side is going to be down our legs are going to be straight one on top of each other we're going to lift up and you're going to drop down and lift it back up keep breathing you want to make sure you're contracting that oblique that left side you're going to go all the way up and down remember we are focusing on quality over quantity so i don't want to see any ugly exercises out there i want to see good form keep breathing keep moving almost there three seconds and rest go ahead and switch those legs around to the right side i'm gonna show you the modified movement on the right side we're going to keep our legs bent here we go 30 seconds all the way up and down up and down when you pull up you want to contract that oblique on that right side you want to breathe the entire time really contracting that core focusing on that mind to muscle connection the entire time keep breathing keep moving if you can we're keeping those legs straight as well five seconds three two one and rest all right we're going on our back make sure to take those deep breaths when we're transitioning into exercises we're going to be doing a reverse crunch so we're lifting our legs up crunching it tapping those toes on the ground and breathe through every single movement keep moving if you need to i like to close my eyes sometime and really focus on the muscle that we're working so focus on those lower abs keep breathing we're almost there less than 10 seconds you got this don't stop five three two and rest last one i know it's everyone's favorite it's flutter kicks i like to put my hands underneath my booty chin tucked in legs out and i just want you to kick away how fast can you go while keeping good form while focusing on your core making sure that's nice and engaged protecting your lower back your lower back should not be hurting in this exercise so if it is i want you to stop reassess and then get back into it we're almost there five seconds go faster burn it out come on three two one rest all right that's it those are the only exercises we're doing but we're gonna do it one time one more time we got four minutes left i know this is tough but you can do it plank and reach let's do it come on remember we're engaging the core the whole time make sure your shoulders aren't tucked like this i want you to relax it down and when you're stretching try and reach all the way out and keep those hips nice and parallel we're almost there and breathe so close five seconds here we go last one and rest all right we're going right into our dead bug i know you're gonna feel like a dead bug after this so it's perfect all right knees up let's go opposite arm opposite leg make sure you're touching the ground when you drop that leg down you don't want your lower back to arch you want to keep it nice and flat on the ground the whole time make sure you're moving through the movement with purpose focusing on engaging that core every single time i know it's burning five seconds three two last one and breathe it out roll it up move it around i know it's quick but it's only eight minutes side plank we're going to raise up on that left side let's go all the way up crunch it and down up and down i want you to breathe don't hold your breath i know you want to because it's difficult but don't do it all the way up you want to make sure you're focusing on that left oblique at the top we're so close we have 10 seconds you can do anything come on five seconds don't give up last one all the way up and rest switch it around right side you have less than two minutes left i know you can do this all the way down all the way up let's go right oblique and breathe all the way up crunch it up we're focusing on that right side right now i love when i close my eyes i can really feel my core that's what we're feeling i know you feel it in your shoulder you might feel it in your quads but i want you to really focus all of your energy right to that six pack five seconds so close three two one rest we have two exercises left and you are done for the day we are reverse crunching make sure we're focusing on those lower abs touch it down and up down and up remember it is quality over quantity so if you need to slow it down feel free to slow it down building that core burning calories right now so close five seconds you only have one more exercise after this come on last one and rest all right we're gonna give our flutter kicks the rest of the energy that we have go ahead and put your hands underneath your booty if you need to and flutter kick as fast as you can really burn it out don't stop the full 30 seconds i know you got this this is only an eight minute workout keep breathing how fast can you kick make sure that chin is tucked you got about 10 seconds come on give me about 20 more kicks you got this go go five and three two one rest oh my goodness my core is feeling it i know yours is two it was only an eight minute workout but your core is not feeling like it was eight minutes i'm so proud of you thank you so much for joining me remember to subscribe to our channel let me know how you like this workout if you want more core workouts or anything else in the comment section below i'm katerina contourist and i'll see you next time

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