15 MIN ARMS & ABS | 15-Day Upper Body Transform Program ~ Emi

Hi, I'm Emi. Many of you asked for this so we can go with a brand new 15-day upper body program that focuses on your abs and back. Today the first day of the challenge will start with an effective workout for the arms and abs. Get ready to burn. Remember no pain. No Profit The download link for the entire program is in the description box below including suggested videos to do for each day Subscribe, turn on the notification, and let's go. Before we get into the exercise. We'll start with slightly warm up arm circles Straight arm Rotate the direction of your arm switch fully After 15 seconds three two switch one Now let's start with the first bend to apply the wing exercise Four strong reps of wing flies and then raise the arms work your side abs to flex on the side Crunch those curves To bring your torso back to center back to the wings and alternate sides Next is the Hip Dip Spiderman Plank Tighten your core and work your side abs for each rep Third is the touch left hand toe arm The key here is to suck in your abs and tighten your abs so they are in balance and not swinging sideways For another during each lift Fourth, Commando Jack Click Start and you choose to do it yourself today, so give it your best shot and make it worth your time Fifth Counter Leg Plank Lift Remind yourself to keep your hip lift as high as possible throughout the entire exercise Sixth is the Knee Lift Pause Stop yourself Firmly down on the floor until your elbows are at a 90 degree angle. Pause for three seconds and push yourself up keeping your head and knee in one straight line including your hip. Be careful not to let it pop out in the middle of the first round. Seventh Side Plank Fly Press your side up to keep your body Up, keep going, you're a winner Side Switch Eighth Voltage is a choice and you're doing it yourself Ninth, punch the boards on the dolphin Take out all the negative vibes. Nothing's stopping you. You're killing it so far. 10th is to lift the shaft shaft if it is easy for anyone to do it. No pain no gain the challenges are here so we can make progress final exercise eleven after the first dip and triceps work on your core to maintain your balance so you feel the burn in the back of your arms every time you bend your elbows to lower your body the flabby arm area is exactly What we are targeting here is the first round of do it yourself. Now, let's smash the second round better and stronger Really squeeze your abs to lift your torso back from each hip bar Spiderman Plank Dip Let's do your abs work for each dip and as you bring your knee toward your forearm. Keep your hip in a straight line One Head to Heel Toes Arm Plank Touch Up One Favorite Leader Jack Next You didn't come here to make it easy for you to enjoy the burn, keeping you reaching your goals Next One Face Plank Like Lift Keep your hip tight to your body for 15 Second Next Knee Lift Pause This is one of the most difficult exercises but remember strong body strong body anyone who doesn't think you can do this. You're proving them wrong now Seventh is a side plank fly Eight, switch sides Just three more exercises to go Ninth, plank punch on the dolphin Push through the hardness, push through the burn. You look strong You're a real athlete, you're a real legend The tenth is the pike lift We're almost done with this exercise This is the time to give it one hundred and ten percent with everything you've got The last exercise is the dip with the triceps tab Let's go Let's go Lead us to the line Finish and celebrate yourself and the work you do remember the key to change is consistency so keep up the good work and don't forget to expand the subscription and turn on the notification button before you go see you again very soon

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