8min Quick Slim Leg Stretch | The Most Effective Leg Stretch | ✓ Hips, Upper Thighs, Calves

hi guys so a lot of you guys requested a shorter version of the last like stretch video but how long is that video again okay 24 minutes is quite long so this time I encapsulate all the best posters that I think is very effective and I put it within 10 minutes so without further Ado let's get on to the video okay so for the first one take your feet to the side and squat down this is the perfect pose to open up your upper thighs especially your inner thighs and your hip flexors [Music] thank you [Music] okay now to your right leg to the back we're going to do some lower lunges inhale lift your head and chest Towards the Sky exhale strengthen your legs and chest towards the floor 30 seconds you ready [Music] thank you foreign you can do it stretch as far as you can we are almost done hang in there [Music] okay now remain the same position use your right hand grabbing your right feet and we hold there for 30 seconds [Music] try to pull your feet closer to your hips this can stretch motor Felix come on you can do it I believe in you we are almost done [Music] yes now we're going to do the same thing on the other Lake remember this one inhale lift exhale push down 30 seconds are you ready let's go [Music] thank you come on stretch as fine as you can the more you practice the better it gets so come on we are not giving up [Music] yes now rest for 10 seconds remember this one left hand grabbing your left feet and we hold there for 30 seconds [Music] if you feel a little bit wobbly look at a designated point on the floor and keep your breath steady this will give you more stability [Music] okay now sit down on the floor and extend your left leg exhale lower your body and try to grab your left feet and inhale come back up foreign [Music] at this moment just put it on your shin just try to stretch as far as you can I know you're doing your best [Music] yes good job now let's do it on the other leg [Music] you ready 30 seconds let's go [Music] if you like you can definitely hold there for a few breaths [Music] yes now let's do an easy one okay now try to place your right leg on top of your lap have the intention that you pull your knees down then exhale lean forward and place your hand and your head on the ground foreign [Music] [Music] slowly come back up we're going to move on to our cups push yourself into downward facing dog and try to touch your heels on the ground foreign [Music] [Music] okay remain the same position this time lift up your right leg up in the sky you should feel the stretch in your left leg especially in your cuffs we hold here for 30 seconds [Music] come on push push push we are almost done we are not giving up yet all right [Music] yes now slowly come down and we're going to switch our legs you ready slowly lift up your left leg and we hold there for 30 seconds [Music] come on hang in there a few more seconds left [Music] foreign yes you guys are amazing now just simply lay down on the floor and lift your legs up in the air we're going to do some massage I mean come on you guys are doing very well so we deserve a massage this will help you to circulate the blood in your legs into your body and loosen up those tight muscles [Music] thank you [Music] and yes we are finished you guys are amazing [Music] well thank you so much for watching and if you want to see the ultimate version that 24 minutes version I would put in the cards wow I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I will see you guys in the next one bye foreign [Music]

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