How To Sun Salutation A (Practice Along Yoga Sun Sals)

hi friends Kathy Madeo back with another video this one all about Sun salutation a if you've ever wondered if you're doing the sequence correctly what poses are included how to breathe in it then this video is for you this video is taken from my 200 hour online yoga teacher training if you're interested in really deepening your yoga practice a yoga teacher training could be a great fit for you in my yoga teacher training we'll go through all of the beginner through intermediate yoga poses in a step-by-step anatomical alignment-based manner so that you can feel secure practicing yoga at home or teaching yoga to a variety of people and of course we Deep dive beyond the asanas in the training you'll get things like history of yoga yoga philosophy meditation pranayama which is your breath work sequencing how to voice in cue anatomy of the muscular and skeletal systems energetic Anatomy which is the subtle body like the chakras and so much more not to mention you'll get a lot of time on lives with me kind of being your personalized coach you'll join in network work of like-minded people from all over the globe so if you're interested in that click the link above or head to the description box and you can actually get three more free videos so that you can sample these different areas in the yoga teacher training now fun salutation if you are still not sure how to do each of the poses in the sun salutation I have another tutorial for you that breaks down the alignment of each of the poses this video is going to run through the sun salutation a several different times with a different Focus each time you do it it's designed to be practiced along so you can get on your mat and get a nice little workout going as well grab your mat and let's get started [Music] in this video we're going to run through this sequence quite a lot for you as a practitioner and also for those of you that want to go on to teach the sequence should really become second nature to you so here we go first we're going to do this very systematically first we're just going to go through the postures and so I will just simply say the pose and then Katie will do it so um erdva hastasana arms up over the head fold forward fold half lift forward fold set the right foot back and then the left plank pose chaturanga dandasana upward facing dog downward facing dog step the right foot forward and then the left inhale half lift exhale fold inhale all the way up exhale Mountain pose I started to add in those breath cues because it's so natural to me that's actually where we're gonna head next so um just want you to get those are the poses now we're going to add on the actual breath cue and these are the breaths that you should take for the pose the one thing I want to say about the breath to maybe help you is that anytime you inhale your diaphragm expands and so in general in back bends or when we reach the arms up over our head we're taking that expansive motion and so the diaphragm has all this space so that's how I it helped me remember to do those inhales conversely when we exhale we empty the diaphragm out and that's when we get the most compression through our torso so you could think anytime we're folding we're going to Exhale so that might make sense a little bit as we watch so inhale arms up exhale hinge and fold inhale half lift exhale same exhale she steps back plank pose right foot and then left take an inhale and plank so there's a bit of a pause exhale roll to the tips of the toes chaturanga inhale she's doing her back bend exhale downward facing dog now the practitioner can take a few breaths here and then we'll uh inhale and exhale step the right foot forward then the left you inhale half lift exhale fold inhale rise all the way up exhale Mountain pose I'm going to run through that with her and hopefully with you at home so just the breath and the posture so tadasana Mountain pose on an inhale sweep your arms up exhale hinge and fold inhale half lift exhale fold and step back right foot then left inhale here and plank exhale chaturanga dandasana inhale upward facing dog exhale downward facing dog we'll take two breaths in through the nose and out through the nose inhale here use your exhale to step the right foot forward and then the left inhale immediately half lift exhale fold inhale rise all the way up exhale Mountain pose now we'll run through the sequence just adding on a little bit so we'll do a the breath cue and one cue per pose so stand tall and Mountain pose reach the crown of your head up inhale erdva hastasana gaze at your thumbs exhale hinge and fold uttanasana belly button to spine inhale half lift sternum forward exhale step back plank pose drag your thumbs isometrically towards each other roll to the tips of your toes exhale chaturanga dandasana belly firm inhale upward facing dog push down through your hands lift your legs up exhale roll over your toes downward facing dog we'll take two breaths here really reach through your sit bones lengthen the backs of your legs inhale prepare use your exhale step forward forward fold inhale half lift lengthen exhale fold legs nice and straight inhale rise up exhale Mountain pose great so you can see how we just start to layer on cueing as you get more and more comfortable and I acknowledge and recognize just doing that what seems like a simple exercise is going to be very hard initially when it comes out of your mouth so I want you to just start slowly just get the postures the order of the poses and then you'll focus on the breath and then you'll start adding in the names of the poses and then a cue I'm going to do it again and see if I can layer on even more cueing now it's challenging to layer on a lot of cues with a sun cell because we all aside from downward facing dog it's one breath one movement so unless we're intentionally holding them right so we won't give much more than a cue or two so let's maybe see how this might look so Standing Tall into dasana ground down through the corners of your feet on an inhale reach your arms up lengthen through your side body gaze up at the thumbs exhale hinge and fold through your hips reach the sit bones up inhale half lift draw your shoulder blades in towards your spine exhale step back plank pose hips in line with shoulders roll to the tips of your toes chattering the dandasana arms at a 90 degree angle and an inhale upward facing dog engage strongly through your legs roll over your toes downward facing dog we'll take three breaths here I Want You to Breathe In and Out through your nose press firmly and equally through all of your knuckles wrap those shoulders back and around and push the floor away through your hands really reach up through those sit bones we'll take an inhale to prepare use your exhale step forward uttanasana forward fold you'll inhale halfway lift exhale fold in ground your feet down inhale riseana Arms Reach up exhale hands through prayer to Mountain pose okay so let's talk a litt

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