Best 10 min Beginner Full Body HIIT for Fat Burn – NO JUMPING ~ Emi

(Music) Hello female, so today we're going to do a comprehensive full body fat burning workout without jumping, so perfect for those of you who are looking for a gentle cardio, fat, knee, and back workout that is flat friendly, and if you are a beginner looking for a routine to start your fitness journey to help shape your body And reach your body goals, these are for you! There will be 10 exercises. Each exercise is 40 seconds with 15 seconds rest in between as we burn fat and calories. We will also work our arms, abdomen, back, chest, thighs, glutes, calves and all of our legs so it's truly a full body workout which will cover all your goals and needs and if you're ready, let's go! The first exercise is lateral reach to warm up and extend our body to start burning fat. Legs in a wide stance, bend to one side touching your fingers with the opposite arm. Hold your core tightly and keep your back flat. Here, we work our legs, abs, and we also extend our entire body. Repeat for 45 seconds. Set your intention for this exercise. Remind yourself why you are here, what you want to achieve. Commit to giving your best and achieving it! Rest for 15 seconds. The second exercise is to squat with a knee-elbow touch, targeting the muffin tops, tuck your midsection. Hands behind your ears. Squat keeping your chest high, eyes looking forward. As you rise, contract your lateral abdominal muscles to lift one knee and twist your torso so that your opposite elbow touches your knee. Consider using your abs here for each touch of your knees. The third exercise is hot flood twists, which are a more knee-friendly version of the usual full lunges. Take a big step back, bending one of your front legs as you come down and touching your body toward the front leg. Keep your weight in the front leg. We just bend the back leg a little bit here squeeze your booty and push through your front leg to stand back and alternate sides The fourth exercise is the knee raise injury. We'll first work on your right side for 22 seconds and switch sides Step away on your left leg, roll your right leg back and hands together above your head Squeeze your abs to lift your right leg while lowering your arms to reach your knee Work on your core and left leg to maintain your balance. The faster and stronger you go, the more you get to burn! Challenge yourself and push it! Fifth exercise, get down to the ground for ab flap, knees at a 90 degree angle, punch your stomach to raise your head and shoulders. Pump your arms up and down by your sides Do your best to arch your body as much as possible toward your legs squeezing your abs for each rep. We're activating your abs here for the best burn. We're halfway between the guys, great job so far! Six is twisting the knees to burn the abdomen Bend your knees and hands behind your head, tighten your abs to lift and lift your shoulders off the ground as well as your knees until your elbows touch your knees Hold it here for at least one to two seconds, squeezing your abs and then slowly coming back down We're doing this slowly and with control . You should feel the burn in your belly enjoy this burn!!! Seventh: The crisis of prayer. More belly and belly burn. Let's go! Raise your hands together With your fingers together, squeeze and press your applications to curl your body Squeeze your stomach to lift your shoulders off the floor Hold it here for one to two seconds and then come back down Imagine someone punching your midsection every time you exercise You're doing an amazing job so far, keep it up! Just three minutes ago, eight is the step and reach starting in the high plank position one step forward outside of your hand and then turning your body toward that side when your arm reaches the sky open your chest feeling the stretch in your back leg and upper torso especially on the side. Come down and switch sides Keep breathing, we're almost at the end nine, we're working the arms with the knee up and the kids put your hands under your shoulders, knees on the floor, lower your body and bend your elbows until they're at a ninety degree angle Keep your back flat Elbows tucked close to your body Then push yourself Back and put your butt back into child's pose This is one rep right back to pushing the other knee up Feel the burn in the arms. Great, that's exactly what we're here for! We will work to get where we want to be. So don't stop! Finally, here we are, the tenth exercise is a plank with leg raises, working on the core for a smaller waist and a full-body burn. Your forearms form a triangular base that supports your elbow, from head to heel in one straight line. Lift one leg up, and hold it for a second or two. And alternate sideways for 45 seconds doing your best to keep your core tight so your body doesn't move from side to side as you lift your legs up you can see my whole body isn't moving except for my legs. This is hard, I know, but I don't feel any pain. No profit. Just a few seconds to go. Be patient. I know you can do it! Catch him!!!! We did it, good job! You should be very proud of yourself for accomplishing this. We were all beginners at one point so don't feel defeated if this is hard, we all start somewhere. When I first took the workout I couldn't do an individual workout and I thought there was no way I could do it in my life but look at what I do now for a living there is no limit to what we can achieve as long as we are willing to put in the hard work and determination If you can dream it, you can do it So repeat this exercise three to five times a week and I promise you that you will see progress within a few weeks. You can also go to my Beginner Exercises playlist to try other exercises I have here. Before you go, remember to extend it, subscribe, and turn on the notification button so you won't miss all the new videos coming up. see you soon

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