Lost 1CM after doing this ONCE?! Stretches & Foam Rolling to Slim Down your LEGS

Is it possible to burn foot fat and slim the legs by stretching and massaging the legs? In fact, it is not possible because burning fat involves exercising to burn calories. Apparently, stretching and massage exercises cannot burn enough calories to burn fat, but the beauty of it is that, they can actually make your legs look thinner. The leg muscle and muscle fibers will suffer from Some fatigue after doing this series of exercises such as standing, running, jumping and then, the muscles will be very tense and tight. Therefore, stretching and massage can effectively improve the stress on the muscles. This restores the muscles and muscle fibers from the state of thick and short stress and make them in a healthy long state. Moreover, stretching and massage improve blood circulation, improve blood congestion, varicose veins, and muscle swelling with water. As a result, your leg will become slimmer and look more beautiful. Let us try stretching and massage exercises with a rotating foam roller and see the effects immediately. Before we begin, we can take some leg measurements. First, to compare it at the end of the video to see whether the exercise was really effective or not. Before I worked as a YouTuber, I was doing biomedical research, and then, until now, I still prefer to look at the data that I measured in the thick part of the calf. The results are good as long as the part What you're measuring is the same because we're comparing to ourselves not to someone else, right? Okay, so my measurements before that are 37 cm. Leave a comment with the result of the measurement before we start. Also, we can check our later results together so stay until the end of the video to see the results. Okay, let's quickly start with the standing stretching exercises. First, put your feet shoulder-width apart and interlace your fingers and lift them up. Raise your head. Slowly as you take a deep breath feel the stretch and lengthen Consider this note that breathing using your diaphragm As you exhale slowly, tighten your abdomen forcefully Return to the normal position as you inhale Okay, return Place your feet apart from each other Let's do a stretch While in windmill position Touch the floor with your hands And exhale slowly at the same time. Also remember to tighten your abdomen. Bring it back and relax. When you inhale, you should feel a stretch in the back of your thighs, the sides of your calves, and the sides of your waist. Okay, come back again. Now, shoulders and feet apart again, bend your left knee. Extend your right leg as much as you can. Keep your back. Straighten and press down. You will feel the stretch in your glutes and the back of your thighs. Okay, now bend your right knee and straighten your left leg. The left and right sides that were mentioned today are based on mirror reflection. Okay, move to the other side. You can put your hand on your knees. Straighten your back and press down. Feel the stretch in Your glutes and the back of your thighs Okay, now bend your right leg and straighten your left leg Okay, come back again Let's stretch the back of your thighs and calves Now keep your feet shoulder width apart Place your left foot forward with the heel touching the ground, pull your toes back forcefully bend your right knees and be mindful to align your knees with the second toe Bend your right knee and pay attention to aligning your knees with the second toe Bend your left knee and align it with the toe Pull the right heel on the floor and toes back the more you press your upper body down and the more you pull your toes back the more The stretching and stretching was stronger Okay, let's switch the leg again Stretch for 15 seconds on each side Remember to take a deep breath instead of holding your breath Exhale for a longer and appropriate time Okay, switch sides again Everyone, be careful not to over-stretch You should feel the stretch When done correctly instead of experiencing severe pain, stress and excessive stretching can cause the muscle to contract due to the defense mechanism of the muscle what is referred to as the anterior calf? Imagine the calf as two equal halves. It is the part that is closest to the heel or closest to the foot and the part that is farthest is the back calf. The front calf is also in the location of the soleus muscle. Apart from maintaining balance when our heel touches the ground, it also improves blood circulation if it is a muscle. Your soles are tense or you cannot make an effort. You may have leg edema or varicose veins and problems such as thick ankles. Well, now turn your toes outward to massage the outer side of your calves. If your muscles and fibers are healthy, you will not feel pain when massaging. On the contrary, if you feel pain, it indicates that there is Problems: Pay attention to stretching and massaging frequently. Well, turn your toes inward to massage the inner side of the calves. By massaging the calves in parts, the rolling distance is shorter and easier. Well, go up a little to massage the inner side of the calves. The foam roller can help relax the muscles as well as the muscle fibers. Muscle fibers are the connective tissue that covers the outside of your muscles we can imagine them to be like a shirt of muscle so even when our muscles are relaxed it's not good if wearing a shirt that is too tight and therefore, massage with a foam roller is very important Okay, put your leg straight now now let's do a massage The middle calf, this is the muscular sector, and its main function is to perform movements that include raising our heels and it has a strong explosive force. For example, the two muscle groups of the muscular sector are involved when we play jumping rope, and then after jumping rope, we need to massage and stretch to prevent thickening of the calves. Well, turn the toes outward. To massage the calves from the outside, if it seems that your lat muscle group is very thick and strong, then you should look for other problems such as flat feet, hyperextension of the knees, and anterior pelvic tilt, because this causes stress in the calves, which leads to increased thickness.

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