10 Min Lower Ab Workout | LOSE Lower Belly FAT

Hello everyone! Today is the long-awaited lower abdominal exercise. This is definitely the most requested video of mine. A question many of you like to ask is, how to eliminate lower abdominal fat… It requires a combination of aerobic training (fat reduction) and abdominal training. Today in strength training (strengthening lines) our focus is to tighten the lower abdominal lines, but it will also speed up your heart rate and burn fat. If you want to maximize the effect, it is best to do a high-intensity interval before doing this. (HIIT) Not much to say about aerobic exercise, let’s get started! Today we will do ten sets of exercises, each set is 50 seconds, and rest for 10 seconds between sets. The first set is to alternately raise the legs and tighten the abdomen. Support the elbows on the ground behind you while keeping the legs as straight as possible. If the flexibility is not very good, , keep your knees slightly bent. This action exercises the lower abdomen and hip flexors. The second group is to raise your legs. My back is close to the ground, my hands are placed under my buttocks, my legs are closed, slowly lift them up, and then lower them. Pay attention when lowering your legs. , the heels will not touch the ground, then pause for a moment, and then lift again. The key point is to slow down when lowering the legs. This movement is really good for training the lower abdomen. The next movement is reverse crunches for all the movements of the lower abdomen. Inside, the most powerful thing is to keep the knees at 90 degrees and then use the abdominal strength to pull the legs toward the chest. This action is not only for the lower abdomen, but also very beneficial to shaping the entire abdomen. The next group is to climb the mountain left and right. Start with a plank action and pull the right knee. Move towards your left elbow, then change direction and repeat. Pay attention to control the accuracy of the movement. Keep slow and feel the contraction of the abdomen, especially the lower abdomen. Remember to keep the abdominal muscles tight. The next movement is plank jumping jacks. It is really dangerous to do this movement at this time. Don’t forget to tighten your core and tighten your abdominal muscles~ The next group is to stretch your legs and do abdominal curls. Put your hands on both sides of your hips to straighten your legs forward, and then lift your knees and bring them close to your abdomen. This action for the lower abdomen is very effective. Anyway, I am. The next set of exercises that makes your stomach so sore is to jump forward and backward on the plank. This action will make your heart beat faster. First, maintain the plank position, then jump up with both feet, move your hands toward your abdomen, tighten it, and keep breathing. The next set of actions is in the air. This exercise of cycling is very classic. You can do it faster or slower. It depends on what you like. Of course, doing it at a slower pace will emphasize the strength of the abdomen. Accelerating will increase the heart rate. The next one is plank support. Any kind of plank support is suitable. Abdominal muscle training has a very good effect. As long as you keep tightening your buttocks and pressing down to keep your abdomen tight during the process, this action can effectively tighten the lower abdomen. The last action is to raise the legs high to tighten the core, and lift the knees as much as possible. This action is good for the lower abdomen and The legs are very effective! I hope you all have fun today. If you really want to lose stubborn lower abdominal fat, remember to do some HIIT interval exercise. You can also do a set of HIIT before doing this exercise. If you like it, don’t forget to like it. See you next time, bye!

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