90° Sharp Shoulders & Long Neck | Fix Double Chin, Defined Collarbones, Relieve Stiffness

this workout will engage your neck and give you that beautiful sculpted neck and shoulders they always feel like there's a little bump around your neck and shoulders so it gives you the illusion that your neck is very thick and fat this is a muscle called trapezius we will have some strength training on our upper body then we will have some stretches to relax your trapezius so that it will slim down your neck and elongate your neck so without further Ado let's get into the video now draw some circles in the air to warm up our shoulders come on make it big use all of your muscles in your arms to draw a big circle [Music] [Music] thank you [Music] okay the next one is a stretch interlacing your hand and push to the front and head down then pull up and gaze up every time you extend Your Arms Reach as far as thicken it can help you to open more of your body [Music] thank you [Music] remember try to push your hands as far as you can and when you lift up your head imagine your chin towards the ceiling and when you bend down imagine your chin towards your chest [Music] okay the next one is easy extend both of your arms to the front then slide one of your hands to the back then come back just like an Archer are you ready 50 seconds let's go [Music] don't forget every time when your hands to the back you turn your head towards the back as well [Music] come on move your hands a little bit higher keep it in a straight line until your shoulders level [Music] oh okay now hands to the front and bend down as low as you can come up sit up right and turn your face up next to your ear are you ready let's go [Music] foreign keeps your upper arms in the same level as your shoulders and trying to make it 90 degrees turn while you turned your face up take it slow you don't have to be fast as long as you are doing every steps correctly it is more effective than doing it fast [Music] [Music] okay now grabbing both of your elbows at the back we're going to do some neck rotation now slowly left ears towards your left shoulders then to the front [Music] now right ear right shoulder put it back [Music] in your pace [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] we're going to do some open door with your lower arms both elbows meeting each other then open up to the side remember to squeeze your whole arms while you're doing this [Music] cause I could do better [Music] cause you can't even hold your own but you always know what's wrong with everyone else okay the next one is first similar to the one that we did before hands to the back they encourage your body then extend your arms to open up your body imagine someone is pulling you at the back and open up your shoulders lift up your head to open more of your chest muscles [Music] come on extend as far as you can and bend down as loud as you can [Music] [Music] okay now we're going to do some deep neck stretches place your right hand to the back then use your left hand grabbing your right ear then gently pull down exhale pull down inhale come back up we're going to do 10 times [Music] foreign [Music] try to meet your left ear towards your left shoulders don't hurt yourself take it slow be gentle [Music] [Applause] [Music] foreign your head to the left and pull down imagine you are looking at your armpit we're going to do five times now be gentle don't hurt yourself [Music] okay back to the left again this time extend your right arm and then draw a little circles trying to keep your right hand low as you draw the circles so that you can feel the stretch in your neck [Music] foreign [Music] okay we're going to do the whole set on the other side ten times right hand to the right shoulder [Music] foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] now turn your head facing your armpit five times for this [Music] [Applause] [Music] foreign [Music] extend your left arms draw little circles for the next 20 seconds [Music] okay now who doesn't love a little massage now just easily use your hand to massage the right side of your neck take a good time to relax those trapezius muscles [Music] foreign [Music] a minute to massage our body so I'm coughing out this time for you we are doing this together you deserve to relax and take care of your body thank you [Music] [Applause] okay now the last one let's loosen up our shoulders with a little shoulder Circle imagine your elbows leading the way and draw the circles as well as you can [Music] and yes we are finished I promise you the more you do this the more beautiful and nice sharp shoulders you're going to have thank you so much for watching I will see you guys in the next one [Music]

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