REDUCE CELLULITE! Best 15 min Thigh & Booty Workout to TIGHTEN and TONE ~ Emi

hi guys today we are focusing on reducing the cellulite by toning and targeting the burn in this whole area there will be no jumping exercises but trust me you are going to feel the burn you can do this workout three to five times a week for the best results and if you're ready for the workout let's go you say you don't wanna be with me but you miss me as soon as it's over fast exercise good morning exercise bend at the hips back flat feeling a stretch in the back of your thighs then squeeze your booty to stand back up [Music] focus on activating your glutes for each wrap instead of just standing up with your legs [Music] rest second crab walk four ways exercise sit in the half squat chest up walk from side to side while keeping your glutes and thighs engaged we will change direction in 20 seconds [Music] we are walking forward and back in three two one [Music] someone who could love me but you play me like there's one tomorrow squeeze the glitch work the thighs feel the burn [Music] four ways exercise lift right leg to the side while engaging the glutes and thighs then towards the back keep the burn going we will switch like in 20 seconds [Music] three two one at the leg [Music] [Music] knee up [Music] step left leg back crossing it behind your right bend until legs are in 90 degree angle engage the back of your thighs to stand back up while lifting left knee to the front we will change side in 20 seconds three two one other side [Music] fifth get down to the floor for a single leg hip lifts [Music] exercise left leg towards the sky lift your hip up and squeeze your glutes repeat for 20 seconds [Music] lower your left leg while keeping hip up in three two [Music] remind yourself to keep your hip up enjoy the burn it's what we're here for next change leg [Music] exercise we are more than halfway through the first set keep up the good work [Music] three two one right leg up and down keep squeezing and lifting the booty try to do this [Music] rest seventh plank cake [Music] exercise in high pine head to heel in one straight line core tight bring your knee in then extend and lift your leg to the back engaging the back of your thigh and glute don't you just get tired switch leg in three two one stay in balance and in control focus on working the hip and the back of your thigh where we want to target the cellulite reduction so much better [Music] donkey left [Music] exercise on all fours lips right knee up while squeezing the glutes keeping the core tight body centered focus on the lips by using your booty instead of swinging the whole body we will extend the leg straight to the sides in three two one right leg straight lift it up and down without dropping to the floor target the burn in the thigh and glutes [Music] you can do better exercise last one in the set before 20 seconds rest keep it [Music] shoes up don't hide it three two one straight leg passes [Music] almost there hang on tight eyes on the prize for 20 seconds before the second half of our workout starting with half pistol squad [Music] exercise lift left leg straight out in front bend right leg to squat down then push through your right foot squeeze the booty to stand up keeping left leg off the floor repeat on the side until the 20 second mark [Music] switch leg mind body connection engage the back of your thigh and glute that's the spot where we want to get rid of the cellulite [Music] rest eleventh in inside lunch [Music] exercise legs together and squat down this is your in squat then step one leg out for side lunge back to in squat and step to the other side [Music] remember what you want to achieve your determination will get you to your goals [Music] squad to pause [Music] exercise feet wide apart squat until thighs are parallel to the ground chest up eyes looking forward core tight [Music] we are going into houses in three two one [Music] stay in squat position and pose up and down here without standing all the way back up the thighs and booty are on fire get that burn hip lift and hold [Music] exercise lift your hip up as you squeeze the glutes at the top bringing your knees out to the side continue for 20 seconds [Music] three two one just hold it here with hip-hop keep lifting and squeezing ten seconds [Music] rest 14th leg extension exercise lie on your right side extend your left leg up and back engaging your thigh and glutes [Music] target the back side of your left leg burn and tone to say goodbye to the cellulite [Music] 15th at the lake [Music] last few minutes off this workout keep going to come back [Music] [Music] side climb down [Music] you probably know what i'm going to say squeeze your glutes engage the thigh make the most out of each wrap much better three two one change sides [Music] [Music] a plank push [Music] let yourself be free exercise kick your right leg out as you lift your hip up squeezing hard [Music] in three two one we are so close to the end no slacking we are here to give our best and be our best [Music] 18th glute squeeze [Music] exercise lie on your belly shoulders and legs lifted off the ground while squeezing your glutes and back up thighs the hardest you can just hold it here [Music] keep lifting keep squeezing we're not done until we reach the finish line [Music] almost there 10 seconds [Music] rest and we did it proud of you for getting it done with me once again hope you had a great burn you're going to feel the after burn even more tomorrow come back any time to do it consistently for the best results i'll see you again very soon – REDUCE CELLULITE! Best 15 min Thigh & Booty Workout to TIGHTEN and TONE ~ Emi

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