Best 10 min SLIM LEG + THIGH Standing Workout with No Jumping ~ Emi

Hi Femily, welcome to my favorite standing calf exercise that works your thighs, booty, and calves. If you’re looking for a great way to get a leg burn, this is it. My legs hurt every time, but that means it The best thing that works is that all of these are standing exercises so you can do them anytime, anywhere, for example, in your apartment when you don’t have a mat or lack of space or when you don’t want to get your hands dirty, or when traveling I hope you guys Love this workout and we also recently launched a Femily membership on YouTube where you can get monthly live workouts, Q&As and more. You can click the join button on my channel to learn more if you guys are ready. Now that you’ve exercised, let’s go! Start by exercising the toes to heat and activate the leg burn. Legs apart, toes pointed, tilted, one leg bent, one leg straight. Touch the bent leg and foot with the other hand. Try to keep your back flat and alternate here. Remind yourself to Goals Achieved What we're working on now will get us closer to those goals so let's finish this workout. The second exercise is a side lunge with one leg bent and one leg straight as we sit our butt back on the bent leg. The harder you push your other arm out, the harder each rep is and the more calories we burn. Keep going, guys, you're doing great! The third exercise is squatting. The contact between the elbow and the knee seriously burns the legs, especially the thighs. It can also exercise the abdominal muscles. Again, spread the feet apart and turn the toes out, put the hands behind the head and squat down at least until the thighs are parallel to the floor. Then, as you stand up, rotate your torso and lift one knee to touch the other side's elbow to work your abs as you squat with your chest up and eyes forward. The lower you squat, the more you'll burn. Keep going! Let Burning do the work! The fourth exercise is our left leg is hit by the knee and we take a step back to the left. Bend your right leg in front and clasp your hands above your head. Then, as you lower your hands, lift your left knee to the front and repeat for 45 seconds on the side. Go faster without stopping. I know our legs are getting sore. That's what we're here for. no pain no gain! The fifth point is the same, the knee is hit, but on the right side. We're almost halfway! Make the most of this workout by giving it your all so we don't waste those ten minutes Hard work and determination are the secrets to success. You want slim legs, let’s get to work. Number six is ​​morning squats. This is one of my favorite leg exercises of late and will take your burns to the next level. Put your hands behind your head by pointing towards Push your hips back, flat back, bend your knees slightly to feel our hamstrings straighten good morning and then bend your knees, lower your hips back to good morning, stand up and slow down and take control. Make sure your form is correct in each step so that we get the most out of this exercise. Number seven is the lunge reverse pulse, which is another great way to get our whole leg moving with one foot. Take a step back and barb to one side so both legs are at a 90-degree angle. Here, do two pulses before bringing your legs together in the middle. Alternate sides and squeeze the booty during the pulse for another three minutes. ,keep going! Eighth is a great side kick. Not only does it shave leg hair, but it also relieves stress. Clench your fist in front of your chest, lift one foot, and kick as hard as you can to one side and the other. Focus on maintaining balance. Remove all stress, frustration and negativity from every rep. Enjoy the burning! The ninth step is a lunge. On the right side, move one leg forward and one leg back. Lower your hips until the two legs form a 90-degree angle. Then stand back up and repeat. Keep your torso up, hold your core tightly, and look forward without collapsing. and leaning forward I know the burn is pretty intense, especially on the thighs that's why I put this last so let's stay determined and do this strong last minute left lunge split we can do this, Get ready and push it forward! We are so close to the finish line, hang in there with me, give it your best shot, and do it yourself! Wait a few more seconds, give me a few more strokes and we're done! Hello everyone! If your legs are aching right now, there's good news. This means the workout works. Remember to stretch before you stretch and feel free to repeat this exercise for best results. If you have any questions, join the Femily membership. We do live Q&A every month and you can ask me. Any questions Plus, VIP members get extra live workouts every month. Hope you’re doing great today. If you like this video, remember to like, comment and subscribe and hit the bell button so you don’t miss us. All the new workouts! Goodbye!

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