BEST 16 min ABS & BELLY BURN | Get Fit in 4-Week Challenge ~ Emi

life goes by fast will it slow down we got older where did it go now back in time when all we had was you and me these memories it's time for one of the best and most intense apps and belly burn it is also week two of our get fit in four week challenge on the program details and all the other workout videos will be in the description box below no pain no gain if you're ready for the workout let's go ah [Music] foreign [Music] each exercise 30 seconds with five seconds rest in between first round plank walk exercise round your back as you walk your feet towards your hands then walk back out to plank core tight head to toe in one straight lines [Music] rest second single leg reach exercise punch your abs and squeeze the belly to press down to the ground in each rex [Music] rest third slow fall exercise appetite slowly lower your torso to a few inches off the floor hold for a few seconds before coming back out rest fourth punch to side exercise focus on crunching the abs for each wrap instead of using your neck [Music] rest fifth half leg raise exercise both legs 45 degrees off the ground work your lower abs to lift one at a time towards the sky [Music] push it for 15 more seconds we'll get 10 seconds rest after this rest rest for 10 seconds next set we're starting with two points climber [Music] exercise bring your knee towards both elbows alternate legs pull tight to maintain the balance try not to sway from side to side rest seventh fourth sit ring [Music] exercise sitting in v shape bring one leg up and clap your hands under alternate legs we might be wicked [Music] we may be forced walk your abs to bring your raised knee towards your chest [Music] eighth straight arm crunch exercise arm straight behind your head curl up one section at a time like a shrimp hold at the top for the burn then come back down [Music] i've been exercise bend one knee to opposite elbow straighten both legs bend the other knee this is the hardest exercise in the whole workout just keep trying you got this 15 seconds rest after this [Music] enjoy your long rest and get ready for the next set plank foot tap [Music] exercise holding core tight body stable bring opposite hand and foot to tap they taught me lows are what makes you feel so high no matter how far my mind would wander i'd always dare it to go even slow and controlled [Music] butterfly setup exercise feet together sit up and bring your hands to tap the floor in front of your foot [Music] cause i can't feel the energy exercise squeeze your abs and twist to bring opposite elbow and knee to touch lower down then bring opposite hands and food to touch alternate sides focus on lifting your leg with your lower abs [Music] i can feel it rest 13 reverse punch scissors exercise hip up legs towards the sky then slowly center the legs down keeping them off the floor 20 seconds rest after this hang in there [Music] rest for 20 seconds we're halfway through the workout time to give 100 and push through the finish line 14th round plank walk suck in the belly work those abs [Music] i know it's so much better [Music] rest 15 single leg reach visualize your goals you can achieve whatever you put your mind and hot work [Music] into sixteen slow fall exercise appetite the lower your goat and hold the more belly burn you get challenge [Music] but not yourself just a lesson that i've learned and so it goes [Music] 17 punch to side [Music] exercise [Music] rest 18 half lake ray exercise [Music] i don't want to feel this good 10 seconds rest after this no pain no gain we did not come so far just dislike or quit now stay strong till the end [Music] rest and next one is two points climate exercise strong mind strong body you got this [Music] [Applause] [Music] i'm not that girl [Music] exercise less than five minutes in this workout stay focused stay determined finish it like a champion [Music] let's ride rest 21st straight arm crunch exercise hold and really squeeze in the abs every time you reach the top [Music] 20 second f bike this is the toughest of all but it is through the challenge that we make progress try your very say i'm best cold hearted as they come you'll think i'm slowly cutting my ties with you that i'm done here's what you rest for 15 seconds before our final set starting with plank foot tap [Music] exercise body stable tighten the abs for balance [Music] next butterfly setup exercise give it your all we're so close to the end [Music] tonight is [Music] 25th setting reach [Music] [Music] [Music] reverse crunch scissors exercise final exercise let's get this done [Music] [Music] last 13 seconds [Music] [Music] baby and we're done amazing work today stretch it out and i'll see you again very soon – BEST 16 min ABS & BELLY BURN | Get Fit in 4-Week Challenge ~ Emi

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