Bloated? IBS? Bad Digestion? Try This!

– I think I have found the answers to all of our digestive problems. As many as you guys know, I suffer from bloating quite frequently, and I was diagnosed with IBS a couple of years back. Now, IBS stands for irritable bowel syndrome. And it's common disorder that affects the large intestines and digestion. IBS can be triggered by diet, stress, poor sleep, hormones and changes in your gut bacteria. And for those of you that are not familiar with IBS, or feel that you might be suffering from it, these are the symptoms. One, cramping, two, constipation, diarrhea or both. Three, gas and bloating. Four, fatigue and poor sleep. And five, anxiety. Now, around 70% of IBS sufferers have stated that particular foods do trigger their symptoms. Some common triggers do include FODMAP foods, and even stimulants like caffeine. Annoyingly, the precise cause of IBS isn't known, and there is actually no cure for it. But for those that do have it, we can manage our symptoms and live with IBS by managing our diet. So I wanted to know if I could find out what exactly causes me to have IBS, and what foods were causing my triggers. You know, I had a rough idea of what it could be, but I didn't have concrete evidence, and I still don't to this day. And that's when I came across a brand called FoodMarble, which is this device here. Now, this little gadget here, is your own pocket size personal digestive tracker. What is it, you might be asking, well, it's a breath analyzer that measures which foods you can digest most successfully. And it does this by analyzing the hydrogen in your breath. So I'm gonna be using this for around two to three weeks, to see if it can help me show exactly what foods are triggering my digestive issues, so I can avoid them in the future. Hey guys, so we are on day two of using the FoodMarble, and so far so good. Honestly this device is so bloody easy to use, and especially the way it connects to the app, it prompts you to take breath tests, it as instructions and guidelines. So you honestly couldn't ask for a more seamless and easy system to use. For day one, I did the lactose test, 'cause I thought, you know, why not jump in the deep end. And again, it was so easy to use, I was told what to do, and I was told to test every 15 minutes. I can report that it told me that I did not have a lactose intolerance, which I did know, so that's good to know. But I just don't really like eating cheese or milk anyway. So I will be avoiding that. But again, it was really great to know that that wasn't causing me any digestive problems. But as you progress throughout the day, my numbers were staying low. However, after I had my dessert, I would maybe call it, I had oats, almond milk and peanut butter. My stomach reacted, I bloated out, which you can see here in the photo, and I started having really bad cramping pain. So I put everything into the app, I blew into the device, and it went from low to medium, so my body was definitely reacting to something, but I don't know what. And again, for day two, I woke up this morning and I had eggs, blew into the device, and as you can see here, it said that again, it went from low to medium. And basically, what I really liked about this was when I pressed more to explain what medium meant, it said that basically the food that I ate, so the eggs, basically hadn't digested and they were still fermenting in my gut, which isn't a bad thing, it just means that my body is slower to digest eggs. Which I kind of knew, but this kind of really cemented it for me. So really glad I have this device and I can pick up on certain elements. So I'm gonna continue using it and I'll give you guys my feedback as we go along. This is my favorite spot which you guys have probably gathered from all the filming, 'cause, I just love it. And I got my little furry blanket. Any who, the clocks have gone back or forward, I can't remember which one, but it's so dark, and all it's making me wanna do is stay in my pajamas, and in this fluffy blanket. Any who, so, we are on day four now of trying out the FoodMarble, and I'm literally obsessed. I'm carrying this every place that I go, in my bag, because it's pocket size and it's so portable, but it's just amazing to see how my body's reacting to certain foods, even if I thought that I was doing fine on something, just to see from this gadget that, I'm actually maybe not digesting things as well in my stomach, so that has been honestly so helpful. But the reason why I wanted to jump on here, was because we're only on day four, but I went out for dinner on Friday, and I went for Indian food. And I could feel that I hadn't digested the food correctly. But what's so amazing is, you can see on the screen here, that I actually had a score of 10, which is the highest it literally can go. And it just reflected that my digestive system wasn't digesting my food, so my gut just wasn't reacting very well, and there was still fermentation going on in my stomach. So what was so good, is that I could put all my food into the app, and I could roughly see what I was reaching to. Now I still haven't pinpointed it exactly, that's why I'm gonna do a couple more of these tests. But it's just a great path that we're going on already to see. So I'm really excited about that. And also yesterday, I had some food just at home, and again, I had a very high score, so again, I think it was like 9.9. So what was so crazy again about that, is that I could roughly see again what was causing it, so I think it could be inulin, but i don't know. So what we're gonna do tomorrow, is we're gonna do one of the challenges, and we're just gonna do the test, we're gonna test every 15 minutes with this device. And we're gonna see if I react to that, so I'm really excited about seeing what is causing my stomach to flare up with some of these foods, and hopefully be able to pinpoint exactly what is causing me not to digest food in my gut, so super excited. That's update day four, and I will check in with you guys, probably tomorrow. We're on day eight now of the FoodMarble, and I'm still really enjoying using this app, it's been great to track everything. So after our last conversation a couple of days ago, I was taking the inulin test, now as you can see from the results, everything went absolutely fine, I had really low scores during the whole challenge, so that proved again that we don't have an issue with inulin. So, so far, inulin and lactose are absolutely fine and we don't have an issue with those. Now one of the things that I have been doing over the last couple days, is trying to figure out why I had high fermentation scores, especially on the night that we had Indian food, and the following morning. Now, one thing that I have noticed is, I don't eat a lot of garlic, and garlic is definitely something that was prominent in the food the other night. Now, I've been talking to the team at FoodMarble, and they also have agreed that it could be something to do wi

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