What I Eat in A Day to Lose Weight & Gain Muscles | Practical Diet Plan

[Music] thank you hi guys welcome back so many of you asked me how I normally eat and do I have any diet tips yes I have today I will share with you what I eat in a day and please stay to the end because I have some very effective and helpful tips for you thank you [Music] thank you it's ready it's ready okay I'm so excited it's very hot very hot but it looks pretty cute [Music] so for today's breakfast we have ham and cheese egg muffin and I've cut a kiwi fruits as a desserts let's try okay it's really cooked wow pretty good nutritious and delicious and you can store it up to three to four days but I like to finish it with me one or two usually I don't post but I'm with the world to know time to pull a drop [Music] topics [Music] [Music] okay lunch is served so for lunch I just made it very easy kimbap with Pickles carrots cucumber and I cut half of a dragon fruits let's take it Kimba is always my go-to choice because you can also pack as a lunch hmm if you like sour you can put in some rice vinegar well that would be a Japanese style but anyway I'm just too lazy for that I have a Sly of dragon fruit hmm satisfaction [Music] thank you [Music] so for today's dinner I've made a honey salmon with stir-fry veggie and some rice on the side salmon is my favorite fish especially the skin hi guys so for my tips I'm just going to be straightforward if you want to have a clean diet you will need to strictly scale every single food that you eat for example like you need to know how many grams of meats how many grams of this bread and you will need to do some math because you need to know how many proteins intake every day you will need to know how many carbs you should eat every single day but it is an insane Rabbit Hole I don't want to live my life with a scale and it's just way too stressful so here's my two ways to approach to a healthy diet first you don't bring your scalp everywhere right but you have your hand so I'll use my hand as a measurement for portion control for example your palm a palm size represents a portion of protein your face represents a portion of vegetables your fingertips represents a portion of fats it's actually pretty simple and if you're interested just Google online hey fans as measurement for food and you'll find many many research about it and my second tips just forget about the measurement it is stressful enough for me as a lazy person just forget about the hand measurement the scale measurement forget about everything use your common sense I only follow one rule it's very easy make sure in every meal you include your vegetables protein and your carbs and you eat with that sequence so you eat the veggie first the protein and then the cup so I've been following this roots for my entire life my weight is always stable it's always the same I can say the most important thing is I don't feel stressed at all I'm quite comfortable with this eating habit so I would say my biggest tips is to find a routine that you can stay consistent on it because consistency is the only Secrets the only key to win well that wraps on my talk and I hope you guys enjoy this video I hope I can help you a little bit and I will see you guys in the next one bye thank you [Music] thank you [Music]

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