Booty Workout At Home – Non Stop 10 Mins!

hey guys and welcome back to my channel so today I'm going to be doing a booty workout with you all from home no equipment necessary this is all about targeting those small muscles to help really tighten tone and lift the bum so make sure you think about that connection there and let's get [Music] [Applause] [Music] going [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] w w w wo [Music] [Music] okay so with this move leg needs to be kicked straight out you are going to rotate kick up in an angle and kick back straight so your hip slightly rotates out kicks down straight up down you want to make sure that the leg is parallel Do not drop it any lower than your hips because you want to make sure that you're burning out glute so remember kick angled up straight down make sure as well you're keeping core always connected that's what's going to keep you that stability when you're exercising keep [Music] going make sure again you're always squeezing the glutes excellent okay next move is your leg is going to be crossed over hips always parallel facing the floor and you're going to kick up behind you and lower it down you want to make sure the foot is flexed again squeezing ABS squeezing the glutes you might have like a little bit of a swing where your arms move and your chest will come down slightly but I don't want you to rock like this keep it up just a little bit of motion and again we're doing this back to back on these legs because we want to burn out the glute muscle so again core connected breathe through exhale as you kick up inhale as you go down great job [Music] smile through the burn excellent okay going into the next move which is going to be high leg kick so come down onto the shoulders hands together kick the leg up and you're just keeping that leg there and kicking so it's kind of bending slightly in an angled position and then kicking back out great work keep going I know this one is a burner especially for 50 seconds but you got it cool connected don't lose it keep going you're more than [Music] halfway keep going keep pushing through I know it hurts you got it come on got the last few [Music] seconds excellent work okay we're not going to switch one over to the other side it's the same thing sorry I didn't speak on the first one tap into donkey kick so straight leg out tap and lift tap and lift again squeeze the glutes core connected and down the great thing with this exercise is you really don't need a lot of room just need a little bit a little area push up foot flexed keep [Music] pushing amazing work keep going guys keep smiling think about the bum [Music] lifting oh nice okay moving on to that angled kick next catch a breath small movements so straight out so kick and angled kick and angled remember on that angle you want a slight twist and straight back down keep it always hip level never dropping that leg pushing [Music] through smile through the [Music] pain keep [Music] going if you do this for a while or if you're doing it in your light I don't feel it add ankle weights then you'll definitely feel it excellent moving on to the next one is that swing kick up so position yourself leg crossed over connect with the core once again and swing up and down up and down great work it's not a very big motion this one it's slightly kicking up but again you really feel it in that glue especially as you kick up contract and [Music] lower exhale on the lift [Music] up now long keep [Music] going amazing excellent so now you're coming down onto those elbows I'm just going to doing that high leg kick 50 seconds of pure torture let's go exercise keep that leg up Pulse it think about something else other than the kick you can think about food holidays comment below what are you thinking about what do you think about when you're exercising let me know comment below keep going more than halfway guys [Music] keep it going keep it going nearly there ah amazing okay onto your back now for the next move which is going to be Bridges so you're going to come up and lower come up and lower with this move you want to make sure everything in your core especially is tight you're squeezing the glutes as you come up and lowering do not flare open you want to make sure it's all connected up and squeeze and [Music] lower make sure to squeeze and lower squeeze and lower all right take that 10c rest the next of you're going into is holding the position and doing pulses 50 seconds yes squeeze the glutes collection and just pulse it's tiny tiny tiny little movement but trust me they really make the biggest difference I'm all about those small movements keep pulsing up keep that core connection feel those legs feel that bum you're halfway through keep going keep it going you got two exercises after this and then you're done don't you feel proud of yourself I'm proud of [Music] you keep it going excellent okay moving on to your stomach you're just going to go into Superman's I don't know if you'll be able to hear me like this so forehead to the floor and just lift the legs up and lower so we're not lifting the arms in this on it's like half the Superman we're just literally lifting the glutes off of the floor connecting of course again always the core lift the pelvic floor and then lift those legs up squeeze the glutes and lower excellent keep [Music] going breathe [Music] through then you got one more left done an amazing job [Music] here excellent final exercise incoming so want you to come up onto your elbow slightly like this lift the legs up and tap tap tap so core connected again you're lifting up so you're getting the shoulders involved and tapping those legs with the feet and the legs hovered across the floor that glute is just constantly contracted I want you just squeeze the bum squeeze the boute smile [Music] through keep going your halfway keep it going keep it going you're doing [Music] it 10 9 8 come [Music] on woohoo so that is the end of your booty workout I hope you guys really did enjoy this if you did don't forget to hit that like button and also subscribe CU it really does help my channel I'll be uploading weekly videos whether that's to do with weight loss nutrition as well as workouts if you guys are also looking for your weight loss Journey where you want it to be flexible enjoyable still enjoy your foods and build that confidence mindset apply for my coaching program just below this video where we can do a free call and decide what would be the best next steps for you but that's it for me guys I'll see to you all soon

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