Day 19: Crunch Circuit Challenge (Home Workout Challenge)

hey guys and welcome to day 19 of the 30 day challenge now this whole challenge wouldn't be anything if I didn't give you guys an ab crunch circuit to do now this is only five minutes long but trust me it's going to be intense we won't be stopping during the entire workout and there's going to be some unique moves in here so please do it as many reps as you can keep up and if you want to add a workout on at the end of this you're absolutely welcome to do so okay guys let's get into it with the crunch circuit challenge so 5 minutes in total one minute each first movement you guys are going to be going into is small bicycles 3 4 and then you're just gonna come in and out for four of these so for this move you want to make sure you're bringing that chest towards your head bring that at the end and then back those bicycles then bring it in kick it out make sure with this move guys on the bicycles you want to bring those shoulder blades off of the floor and with the in outs you want to bring that knee as close to the chest as possible and you want to keep those legs out as far as you can keep that heart contracted [Music] keep your stomach sucked in here make sure you're exhaling on every crunch so here one exhale exhale exhale exhale exercise breathe in out in out excellent job guys next move that you're going into is for side crunches bring that elbow towards the knee same though you're gonna swing it out to the side for four let's repeat that on the other side so need to elbow four of these four and then leg swing one two three four let's repeat that again guys so with this move make sure that you're really squeezing those ABS and with the leg swings of sucking that navel in towards us [Music] next week guys is you're going into a reverse crunch you're gonna come up and do four Russian twists this is quite fast pace so roll back lift that pelvis up roll up into a boat and do four Russian twists if you can't keep your bleep balancing you're more than welcome to put your feet on the floor and do the Russian in towards that way but remember this is a challenge that we want to challenge ourselves [Music] twist [Music] Kieko guys [Music] the next move you're just going to do a three pulse crunch so feet are going to be on the floor you're gonna breathe and exhale three times on a post up to crunch and come back down so you want to slowly breathe out on those pulses keep that stomach contracted suck that belly button into the spine [Music] [Music] so guys keep going you don't got long left you've got one exercise after this [Music] to the phylum we've guys this is going to be a toughy we're going to be doing balancing bicycles and for toe taps so you're just going to balance for bicycles elbow to knee and then slowly tap though speak to the pool [Music] and cross cross cross cross balance toe taps takes a lot of concentration I know but it's an absolute butter and it's good cross cross [Music] [Music] amazing work guys as well son that is the end of the challenge so guys that was the end of day 19 I hope you really did enjoy this workout if you did then don't forget to hit the subscribe and also like this video now I really want to hear from you guys tell me what was your favorite workout during this circuit let me know in the comments below

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