Day 27: Yoga For Unsettling Times (Home Workout Challenge)

hey guys and welcome to day 27 of the 30 day challenge today I want to bring the pace down and we're going to do a really lovely relaxing yoga session now I know after you've done five days of working out intensely it's so nice to be able to just relax the mind and the body and just lengthen and strengthen out all of those muscles so follow along with me make sure you're breathing and just enjoy this lovely quiet time hey guys and welcome to your yoga session today this is gonna be nice and relaxing so breathe exercise exhale out breathe in raise those arms breathe out let's repeat that again breathe in and breathe out just take it to one side I just want you to lean over arch that arm for that stretch down the side of your body and let's take it straight on over to the other side great work come up to the center and I want you to do a child's pose but I want you to come over to your left hand side just breathe it out let's take it on over to the other side now and come Center get the forehead to touch the floor [Music] and slowly raise up guys I want it should be an all-fours position and we're just going to go into a nice simple cat cow so breathe in and out I'm sure you've already arch that back [Music] now have a neutral spine and what I want you to do is come down onto the floor feet together in a butterfly position I'm just going to take a couple of deep breaths here while we stretch out those legs [Music] acet drop guys I want one leg to be on the floor and I want you to twist the other leg over the top I'm just going to twist around on our bodies here finish stretching our glutes and our legs excellent job place that leg on the floor lift the other leg up twist around to the other side keep breathing great work now I want shoes roll down and come onto your back I know you're gonna do is bring one leg to your chest we just got them rotate that ankle you can rotate it any way that you like switching around left to right just releasing any pressure in those ankles excellent let's switch straight on over to the other leg bring it to your chest and just move those ankles by the way [Music] excellent job comes out onto the floor and it's willing to roll up nice and slow to the center and we're going to do is take a nice little seated twist switch it on over to the other side and now we're just going to come back up in circle force and I just want you to come into a child's pose position arrest that forehead on the floor and then come back into a neutral spine so the first move that I want you to do is stick your leg up behind you and come into a low lunch so you do is one leg forward make sure you keep that navel sucked in and then we're just going to push back and feel a lovely calf stretch here with that foot flexed that's it guys come back into that lunge and then push it back again excellent job now let's switch one over to the other legs so bring that one leg forward come into a lunge and then let's push that back feel that release here in your legs and your calves come back into that lunch and push it back one more time excellent job guys I'll just swing that leg back round onto the floor and all we're gonna do is push back now into a downward dog position so you want to walk out your dog here you're absolutely welcome to do so excellent job now I just want you to walk to the front you're gonna breathe in breathe out and then roll up into a half position and we're just going to rock back and forth holding onto our elbows here release and roll up nice and slowly you guys breathe in arms up breathe out arms down no you're going to do is push your head back we're going to come into a standing Cobra come up nice and slowly excellent job breathe in arms up now we're going to do step back into warrior one arms up keep breathing just going to twist to the back of the room now arms out fingers straight bring them to the front all I want you to do now is push your arms in an equal position and then we're going to do is breathe in and breathe out but as we breathe in we're going to come down get our elbows to touch the knee and then come back up again that's it let's just keep repeating that make sure you get into a flow excellent job guys step back into your standing position and we're going to take that on to the other side now so when you just step back into warrior one arms up bring those arms down to the side facing me excellent job now come down and cross those arms same thing we're going to breathe in and out make sure that elbow touches the knee move with fluidity here guys [Music] excellent job unravel arms up and let's step forward breathe in and then I want you to come down into a forward fold halfway lengthen step back into a plank and then go into a Cobra if you want to go into a full Cobra you're absolutely welcome to do so and then pull back into child's position keep breathing now I want it to come into a pigeon pose on the floor you bring one leg forward all you want to do is just take a couple of breaths with your hands and then I want you to calm down onto your elbows just really feel that release hearing those legs no common minutes here to yourself [Music] slowly come onto your hands and rise up and now we're gonna take that straight on over to the other leg other leg comes in front come on to your hands take a couple of breaths and then comes out onto those elbows head to the floor and just take a couple more breaths here really feel that release let go of any tension and come up nice and slow it's a job guys now I just want you to come seated on the floor facing me we're just going to take a couple breaths here to unwind and that is it for today's younger session so guys that is the end of your yoga workout today I hope you all really did enjoy this if you did don't forget to hit that subscribe button and also give me a like as it really does help my channel now I want to know from you guys tell me what are three things you are grateful for let me know in 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