Day 3 – Quick Toned Arms Workout (Get Lean Challenge)

hello guys and welcome back to their challenge we are on day three and today we are focusing all on those arms now i love my arm workouts but as you guys know i like not really doing the traditional sort of exercises i like switching it up and doing some fun things so that's exactly what we're going to be doing today in these five minutes so it's 50 seconds on 10 second rest so let's just jump into it [Music] okay let's tackle those arms so the first move is going to be on your side and you're going to be doing side push-ups one of my absolute favorites so what you're going to be doing is facing me on your side on your hips and you're going to move that elbow in towards your ribcage so push it down and up that's it guys make sure to keep that core engaged breathe through each of these exercises doing 50 seconds on and then a 10 second rest that's it push and up push and up [Music] that's it you guys should be really feeling the burn in the arm here in the shoulders fantastic okay now come facing me forward on your knees and for the next move you're going to use those hands in front of you and all you're going to be doing is open and close arms out in front of you palms facing each other just open and close keep that core nice and contracted make sure you're breathing out you don't want anything in your body to be an active that's just open close nice and simple but trust me you're going to feel this in your shoulders open and close [Music] hey [Music] okay so for the next step we're going to be going into those side push-ups but now on the other end so same position guys on your knees facing me forward again bring that elbow in towards those ribs and push up down and up down and up that's if you guys want to add yourself a bit more of a challenge you can put your arm up straight ahead of you like i'm doing that just adds a little bit more you know pressure body weight bring it down and up make sure that you are keeping your neck above you're not sinking into that shoulder [Music] that's it you should really be feeling this in those arms by now [Music] keep smiling through the burn you've not got long left at all two more exercises coming your way okay so again i want you to be on your knees facing me forward your arms are going to be out to the side and you're going to be doing arm slaps so i just want you to use your wrists and i want you to slap forward [Music] that's it you'll be feeling this in those arms in no time slap back [Music] slap down make sure you're using those wrists [Music] and now alternate between slapping the side left right left right [Music] excellent guys now let's do the final wove which is going to be ballet bar arms now i love this i just feel like a pretty little dance when we do it so again on your knees facing me arms out to the side and i just want you to lift them up and down up and down channel that inner ballet dancer as the arms go up straight up as they come down i want it to be a slight bend in the arm and trust me after 50 seconds of this you will be feeling that bird that's it smile through the pain lift it up and lift it down [Music] me [Music] so guys that's the end of your day three congratulations on persevering and pushing through i hope you all enjoyed this little routine if you feel you need an extra burn you're more than welcome to repeat this video twice and guys if you are enjoying this challenge so far then trust me you are absolutely gonna love my sessions with pink dragon if you guys want to find the best training program for you specifically for your body areas then check out the quiz in the description box below and if you like this video don't forget to give me a like and subscribe to my youtube channel so that's it and i'll see you guys tomorrow make sure to rest up those arms and i'll see you then bye [Music]

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