Day 4 – Full Body Shred Low Impact

foreign [Music] guys let's go first movie is going to be those fast feet let's go really want you to go as quickly as you can this is 20 seconds pick those feet up tell me what your intention is for the start of this workout I hope it's to get bloody sexy or feeling your best whatever you want it to be keep going that's it nice nice okay 10 second rest and then you're going into front kicks so one leg slightly behind the other you're just gonna step back and kick forward so it's gonna be really good for the hip flexors the lower abs as well as those legs and of course getting the heart rate up so let's pick it up 10 seconds foreign don't fall over like me okay guys straight on to the other leg and go lean back punch that's it keep going that's it kick it kick it foreign great workout guys keep going we're going in to modified butt kicks a color like this remind me of an aerobic dancer so just going to be stepping to the side pulling those arms back making sure your feet touch your bum and then you can get fun with it go side to side keep that core nice and tight Brew through excellent okay moving on to skaters let's get the heart rate going again so you're just jumping from side to side just ever so slightly stepping it's not a full-on jump It's just literally a little side shuffle legs are going behind imagine that you have roller skates on and you're skating through I don't know 70s disco outside excellent okay guys next move we're going into is Marches On The Spot using our arms as well so arms above and I just want you to bring them down to the knees again keep that core engaged nice and tight March through [Music] it guys keep going okay next thing you're going into is a deep squat so I really want you to go as low as you can with this if this is too bad on the knees please just go as low as you can if that's only to here and up again that's fine please just do what Suits You In This Moment okay down and up down and squeeze really squeeze those bums right excellent okay moving on to the last three exercises we've got knee to Elbow crunches love these ones so you're gonna do 20 seconds one side arm up and just bring it to your hand I don't know why I said knee to elbows kind of need to hand well by whatever we want it to be so keep going pump it harder heart rate up remember five let's go okay do that on the other side then we're finishing off our circuit [Music] let's go guys really go for it here this is the last time you're doing this unless you want to repeat it again which I do with bias [Music] that's it keep going all right finishing with a plank hold if you cannot do a proper plank stay on your knees as so other than that guys High plank go hold it here for 20 seconds Court engage back straight pelvis tucked in imagine that you've got something on your back that you've got to hold there really concentrate on that core you've got this come on well done guys so that is the end of today's workout I hope you guys really did enjoy this with me today if you did don't forget to hit that like and also subscribe to my YouTube Channel please also make sure that you join our community so we can keep up with your progress help and Inspire and motivate you or support you if you need that during this journey we're here to be your accountability partners and also help so that's it guys I'll see you tomorrow with another workout [Music] foreign

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