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Firefly Yoga Class

hi friends Kathy madue here back with another video this one a yoga class focused on some arm balances I got this request from a couple of you so I'm combining the requests and this is what we're going to do we're going to focus on those arm balances in which the shoulder blades are spread away from the spine so that that's where the armounds is where you'll take a hollow body shape so things like Crow pose Firefly elephants trunk pose that's going to be our main focus for today I love to practice some of these poses with blocks so if you have a set of blocks at home make sure you have those if you are struggling with your arm balances not sure where to begin I have a free guidebook for you so head to the description box where you'll see a link and just click on that and that will that is the four top things that might be preventing you from getting your arm balances so you can start to break through those so grab your props and let's get started foreign pose knees wide big toes touch reach your arms out in front of you and place your forehead down and we'll just take a few moments here to ground and center before we get moving so while you're allowing this posture to just open gently certain areas of your body you can feel the sensation in your body and begin to just watch your breath as it naturally Flows In and Out one of the things we know about arm balancing is that it is challenging and so that provides space for us to grow so whether or not you can do the poses or not doesn't matter so much because even when we can't do them what happens is we rub up against our stuff limiting beliefs frustration and so we can learn and observe without judgment as anything arises and then those moments you have breakthroughs or even feel that Split Second of flight that's a win so I want you to celebrate that so we'll just approach our practice today with curiosity and lightness take one more breath the next inhale will lift on up into a tabletop position and we'll begin to just circle the hips and shoulders in our dancing lions and we're warming up our joints here as we do this so it's not about going fast you're just really getting into this movement here you can even go a little bit lateral side bends through the spine and now let's switch directions so big circles in the opposite direction good and from here we will turn our fingertips to point towards our knees so this is an intense wrist stretch you can go one hand at a time if you like and we'll Rock forward and back and if you've gone one hand at a time you'll just switch now we'll take our fingertips Point them to the side edges of our mat and we'll Rock side to side okay now we'll take some wrist push-ups so we're just lifting the heel of the hand up set the heel of the hand down up down down [Music] and we'll do about three more just conditioning our wrists okay next inhale I want you to open up to the right lift your right arm up Big Stretch as you exhale thread the needle so you come on to your right Temple there stretch your left arm out we'll just take a moment to tack the right hip to the right feel a nice stretch along your left side body we'll take our left arm wrap it behind us so allow the left head of the arm bone to roll inward to bend your arm behind you and then gently lean back just a little bit take a deep inhale in to release the left hand down Big Stretch up and set it down we'll just switch sides so left arm lifts up get that nice stretch exhale thread your left arm through turn your head to the right stretch your right arm out in front of you I'm up on my fingertips Here and Now tack your left hip back from here we'll take our right arm Bend it behind us turn your chest a little bit more to the right and inhale to release out of your twist exhale place your hand down walk your hands back we'll sit on our heels open up your arms for some kneeling cat cows so drawing your elbows in towards each other's shoulder blades in exhale spread the shoulder blades away chin to chest inhale open it up exhale closing in try to bring your elbows in inhale last one and exhale here so we'll widen out and from here you'll wrap your right arm underneath your left for an eagle arm stretch so starting to hollow out through that chest spread your shoulder blades away get a nice stretch in between your shoulder blades from here bring your elbows in towards your chest chin to chest and see if you can lower your hands a little bit lower they might not visually move too much we'll release on an inhale you can sweep your arms up bend your elbows again use that exhale to wrap your left arm underneath the right we're just switching sides here so just starting here wrists stacked over elbows elbows in line with shoulders and then from here we'll bring our core in elbows close to the chest chin into chest and we're seeing if we can drop those hands just a little bit just to intensify the stretch here inhale to release big sweep of your arms up and we'll go right into our downward facing dog toes curl under hips can press back feel free to Pedal your feet out here if it's your first down dog today and just move in a way that might feel good like sometimes I like to move my hips side to side or bend and straighten the arms another breath here and we'll come forward into a plank pose now you can take this with your knees down if you like we're taking scapular push-ups so spread your shoulder blades away and bring them in so keep going so if you feel like your hips are dropping down or you're losing your core just drop your knees down to do these you'll still get the same benefit so we're getting that deep protraction when the shoulders spread away we take that hollow body shape for our arm balances and then retract and protract and retract and last one here push it back to downward facing dog on an inhale extend your right leg up you can bend the knee we'll take some hip circles here and switch directions so our arm balances today requires some hip and hamstring flexibility we'll reach the right leg up step your foot in between your hands inhale up to a low lunge from here I want you to lift your right heel up take your right hand to your right hip and take a side bend over so left arm is going a little bit side Bend here and then you can slightly lean it back as you exhale we'll take the left hand down and pivot your right shin bone around so that your right hand is on the inside of the right leg so we're taking a modified side angle pose and I want you to enjoy this hip stretch the more you can press your right arm into the right leg the more you could potentially open the left side of the Torso your ribs back a little bit keep turning your chest to the left from here we'll pivot the hands around straighten out your right leg and walk your hands forward release your forehead to the ground so the sit bones are reaching up you're getting a nice stretch to the inside of your right leg and opening the shoulders still from here we wil

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