10 Min Arms & Upper Body Workout – Home Workout with Dumbbells

Hey guys! We've got a 10 minute upper-body workout with weights today and this video is part of my FITober challenge. You can find the full schedule on my website and you can do this workout with or without dumbbells. So don't worry if you don't have any equipment. Before we start, I just want to let you know that I've recently dropped some merch on my website, so check it out. We've got some shorts, joggers, tanks, crops and crewnecks. All very kawaii, so check it out. Smash that like button, and let's get into the workout. We've got 16 exercises in this upper-body workout. 20 to 40 seconds on and 10 to 30 seconds off. Have your dumbbells by your side and we're gonna start the workout with Arnold press. Stand upright with your core engaged. Palms facing in, then press and turn outwards and then press up. Make sure you're using the right weights. It should be quite challenging for the last few reps. 10 seconds rest now and we're moving on to lateral raise variation. Raise one dumbbell up to your side laterally, with the other forward in front of you. Bring them back down, then alternate the other direction. Go nice and slow and make sure you're raising it high enough, but not over your shoulders. 20 seconds rest here, so put down your dumbbells if you want to shake off those arms. Give it a quick rest and we've got bent over row next. With a slight bend on your knee, bend your upper-body forward, as far as you can. Dumbbells to the side and raise your elbows as you do a back row. Make sure your back is straight and your core is tight. Nice work, guys! 10 seconds rest now and we've got bicep curl variations next. Dumbbells to your side again, palms facing forward, then do a bicep curl. Then lower it down slowly, then do a hammer curl with your palms facing your thighs. Make sure your upper arms are stable throughout. Work your biceps. 20 seconds for you to rest up now and we'll move on to the same four exercises. Let's do it! Let's do this again! Palms facing in, turn outwards as you press up and make sure you're engaging your core, too. You're doing great, guys! Short rest here and we'll move on to lateral raise variation. Take it nice and slow. Make sure you're focusing on your delts here. Your front delts and your side delts. Put down your dumbbells for a quick rest. Bent over row is next. Keep your core tight and your back straight, as you row. We've got a longer 30 seconds rest coming up soon, so don't give up now. 10 seconds rest here and we'll move on to bicep curls variation. Keep going, we are almost done with this set. Great job, everyone! Put your dumbbells aside. 30 seconds rest. Pause the video here if you need a longer rest. Alright, we're past the halfway mark. So less than five minutes to go, guys! We're starting again with push-ups, so get in position on your mat. If you're struggling with push-ups, just do them while on your knees. It's okay, you'll get stronger over time. Grab your dumbbells again and we've got renegade row coming up. Drive your elbows back, one at a time and make sure you keep your core engaged so you're not swaying your hips too much. Nice work, guys! Now stand upright while holding your dumbbells, we've got rear delt fly next. Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Push your hips back with a neutral back as you bend over and now raise your arms to the side and lower them down slowly, as you work your upper-back and your rear delts. Place one dumbbell down and we've got tricep extension next. Make sure you have a firm grip of your dumbbell. Carefully raise it behind your head like-so and we're going to do some extensions here. Keep your upper arm as stable as you can and focus on your triceps. Great job, guys! You got this. Place your dumbbell aside and we're gonna do the four exercises again. Let's start with push-ups. If you can't do a regular push-up, just get on your knees. It's okay. Nicely done! Now, just like before, we've got another renegade row again. So bring those dumbbells back in and drive your elbow back, one at a time. Make sure you keep your core engaged, too. 20 seconds rest here. Final two exercises. Stand upright with your dumbbells to your side and we've got rear delt fly next. Make sure your core is engaged and your back is straight. Place one dumbbell down and the final exercise is tricep extension. Focus on your triceps here. We are almost done. That's the workout, guys! You did it! Hope your upper-body is feeling that burn and make sure you do a cool down and some stretches and I'll see you in the next workout. Bye!

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