♫ When he was my age ♫ ♫ Sirens and blue flashing lights ♫ ♫ In zone 30 I push 95 ♫ We work out and eat ♫ Just try to find you in time ♫ ♫ You should be with me ♫ (Playing with the dog) ♫ Life goes by fast, it slows down ♫ ♫ We get older and now where does it go ♫ Good morning people welcome back to my channel I'm super excited for today's video because it's the most exciting one ever One of the most popular videos after you guys saw my What I Eat in a Day to Lose Weight video and also saw my All Food Instagram you guys really wanted me to film the cooking and recipes behind all the homemade food I eat every day So today we're going to do that and the second reason is today is finally the last day for our 100 project return and I'm going to talk more about that later because right now I'm going to take you guys with me to the kitchen there and I'm going to show you my and How my family cooks and prepares some of my favorite healthy and delicious meals so breakfast, lunch, dinner will cover it all So, here's a kitchen, but before we get started remember to click subscribe and then click the bell next to button to turn on post notifications and don't miss my new video Okay if you guys are ready let's start with breakfast so this is what I have today; fried eggs, purple potatoes, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers. Here are all the ingredients you can see we have protein fiber carbs and macronutrients so I always make sure I have a variety of nutrients in my diet as mentioned in the previous video I am not counting any mackerel of calories because I know about restriction and extreme diets. Just don't work for me cause I suffer from bulimia, before and after I returned to modeling I just ate it up I work five days a week I do healthy intuitive eating so I eat in moderation healthy and responsibly I include protein Fiber and all meals have carbs and on the weekends or on vacation I also allow myself cheat meals that I enjoy and I enjoy it's a healthy and sustainable lifestyle and just enjoy my life so that's me Today's breakfast, as you can see, I also did something extra that I'm going to leave tomorrow's breakfast breakfast is ready, as you just saw the only condiments. I usually use it for breakfast it's just a little bit of salt and pepper it's just sprinkled on top and that's pretty much it Yesterday was the last day of my month long project comeback and if you're new here and you don't know what it is I'll link it here video but long story short I gained 10 pounds and throughout the holidays I was eating like crazy every day eating cheap mute and it got to a point where I wasn't feeling well so far I'm really happy with my progress and it's not just A heavyweight number I'm proud of for sticking with it and being able to get back to normal healthy eating with exercise, I don't have to starve myself or restrict myself like I used to do during my bulimia eating disorder phase, I'm still able to eat huge amounts on the weekends Delicious healthy food plus cheat meals I really want to thank you all for joining me on this journey especially over the past month you keep me going you keep me accountable and together we are proving that it is possible to be healthy, healthy, In the meantime enjoy the food and enjoy life We went out to eat so I just finished the intro to another workout video and it's almost lunch time now. I'm going to photograph my cooking lunch for us. So for lunch we'll have broccoli vegetables, chicken dumplings and seaweed noodles. Vinegar in the dumplings I'm actually super super lucky because that's how my dad cooks them most of the time to provide us with healthy and delicious food, and sometimes my mom does the cooking too because he's never really cooked anything in his life Overcooked is too busy working but since he retired he makes lunch from scratch and makes it cook now he's making all these super delicious and healthy meals for us every day y'all make me let my hair cook for a while so now Let's go into the kitchen and see what my desk looks like, here are the dumplings that we got from the market these are called sea wheat noodles and we also got them from the market so lunch is ready with dumplings and noodles and broccoli so My plate is for lunch, you guys know I always use the same plate for breakfast, lunch and dinner in order to eat relatively the same amount. Also get a little vinegar for the dumplings (talk to the dog) so now it's around 4:30 normally I don't really like afternoon snacks but if I do you will always see me drinking my mom's soup sometimes she's like Chinese style. Sometimes she'll do it western style and today she's actually our favorite super healthy western style lentil soup that has a lot of different nutritional fiber vitamins and I'll talk about it later but now let's get into the kitchen and see how she makes it So these are the ingredients for the bay leaves we have from Canada. Lentils we have orange and green corn lemons potatoes carrots tomatoes yellow bell peppers you can add other vegetables like celery if you want my mom just said how long should you cook the lentils how many ingredients do you have and how Starting today you have like a big pot we are making a pretty big pot so we are going to cook it for 30 minutes it smells so good can't wait (talk to the dog) the soup is ready~ for me I just like Have the soup as my afternoon snack or breakfast or just add it to my meals because it's so filling and it's an easy and delicious way to get all the veggies and all the nutrients without having to eat it. You know like veggies piece by piece and now it's time for dinner with dad. So for dinner tonight, we have quinoa from Rice fish eggs veggies with egg whites. This is tofu, tempe, red and yellow bell peppers This is tempe. We got it from the Indonesian store in Hong Kong which is a super healthy soy product tofu or soy product bell pepper Okay guys so I've finished cooking dinner, packed lunch and now I'm just going to clean up and do the dishes very special Thanks to my parents for being part of this video and making such delicious meals every day I'm really lucky if you guys like this video please let me know if you want to see more cooking videos with your parents I just narrated it on Instagram Here are some behind the scenes photos from our shoot today and I've had some messages from you guys saying you'd also like to see my mom's Chinese soup recipe and my dad's homemade bread recipe, so please comment below which recipes you'd like to see, I'll talk to them and maybe we'll shoot another recipe soon. So this also marks the end of my 1 month project comeback, tomorrow, I fly to Sri Lanka for my 10 day speaking holiday which will actually only be on the beach for the first few days. The rest of it is going to be bouncing around like different cities in the country and I'm excited. I have never been to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka I should be uploading these in the next few weeks and showing you what I will be eating and doing in Sri Lanka so stay tuned and I will see you soon as we work out to eat

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