10 Mins Thigh Workout to Get LEAN LEGS IN 30 DAYS | NOT BULKY THIGHS

Hey everyone! Welcome back. We've got a ten minutes thigh workout that's gonna target your inner and outer thighs. This workout is not going to bulk up your legs, so don't worry about that. It's going to help you to lean out and get that slim and toned legs. So you can do this without on its own or you can do it as part of my free 30 days Thigh Challenge program. So if you have any questions, do check out my FAQ and also my full schedule. So you guys did amazing with my Flat Belly program and I'm so friggin' proud, so I'm going to challenge you to do the same with this program. So don't stop sharing your progress, and keep supporting one another, because that's what really helps others out there. So to help me to keep creating free programs for you, I'll really appreciate it if you could smash that like button, smash it real hard, and drop me a comment as well, as this really helps to make my videos to reach out to more people out there. So we have 19 exercises, they are all 30 seconds each, except for the first one, with just 5 seconds rest time. Let's start with some side kicks. Kick one leg to the side and keep your core tight and focus on your legs. This will really work the outer thighs as well as the inner thighs. Next we have some side leg raises. It's very similar to side kicks, except I want you to take your speed down a notch and go slower and more controlled. You're raising your legs and not kicking them up. Also keep your core tight and don't swing your legs. Make sure your upper-body stays upright and neutral as well. We've got side lunges next. Go as low as you can and work those inner and outer thighs. Remember to sit your hips back, instead of leaning forward, so that you're working the side of your thighs instead of the front of your thighs. Next we have plie. If you are new to this move, tuck your butt in and lower your hips down. Lift one heel at one time and then get back up. This really works the inner thighs and not so much on the quads, so don't worry about bulking up your quads. We've got a quick five seconds rest and we're doing side leg raises next. So have one hand and knee on the ground as you raise your leg like-so. Feel that burn on the outer and inner thighs. Now flip around and do the other side. We've got another quick 5 seconds rest and we'll be doing some inner leg circles. While on the ground, have your right leg across your left like-so and draw circles with your left leg. Have your foot flexed or basically your foot flat and try to draw circles towards the inner thigh. You'll feel the burn so much more on your inner thighs by applying that two techniques. So basically, your foot flexed and also drawing the circles towards the inner thigh. Next we have check mark. Lie on your side and first do an abduction by tapping the floor with your knee and then extend your leg diagonally behind. Bring it back in and tap the floor again. So tapping the floor with your knee really targets the inner thighs, but make sure you focus on your muscles while you're doing the exercise. Stay in the same position and we're now going back to your left leg. Press your foot away from your hips, then raise your leg and touch with your hand. Make sure your inner thighs are facing up so you're working on your inner thighs. Stay where you are again and now we are back to the right leg. We are doing up and over. We're drawing large semi circles here. So this is going to target both your inner and outer thighs. Your right thigh might be burning right after but we've got one more exercises for it and it's some outer leg circles. We're more than halfway through the workout, so stay in it guys! We've got a quick five-seconds rest and we're going to repeat those exercises on the other side. Let's start again with inner leg circles for your right leg. Make sure your foot is flat and draw the circles towards your inner thighs. Next, we've got check mark again. Have your left knee tap the floor and extend diagonally behind you, as high as possible. Heel press and lift is next. Keep going guys! Feel the burn in your outer thighs. Next, we have up and over again. We have outer leg circles for the left leg next. We have a short rest after this guys, so it's just three more exercises to go. Keep pushing. Now lie flat on your back with your palms next to your butt, we've got frog presses next. Have your heels touching and toes pointed outwards like- so and press out your legs. Doing so really helps to target your inner thighs and you should be feeling the burn on your inner thighs right now. Next we got another quick five-seconds rest, so you can get up and flip around on all fours. Start with your left leg and we're doing a leg lift followed by a kick to the side. One more exercise to go and let's do the other leg and wrap up this workout. And that's the workout, guys! I hope your thighs are feeling the burn. Do me a favor and smash that like button and subscribe if you haven't already and also leave me a comment if you have any questions about this workout, or the free 30 Days Thigh Challenge program and I'll see you guys in the next workout. Bye!

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