Flat Stomach At Home, No Equipment – Day 29 Summer Shape Up Challenge

foreign [Music] exercise [Music] so [Music] okay just realized i wasn't talking so we've done the first one which is just crunches the next one we're going into is start toe tap so i want your legs to be wider than the mat all you're going to do is you crunch up and i want you to try and tap as close to you can't your ankle keeping the leg relatively straight if there has to be a slight bend in it it's totally fine [Music] excellent work keep going keep that core engaged [Music] these exercises are really going to help to get you that 11 line down stomach [Music] excellent job next one is going to be butterfly crunchy so your legs are going to be wide apart feet touching [Music] everything nice contracted and you're just going to lift up and down lift up and down exhale as you come up and you lift your upper body off of the floor making sure we're really engaging those shoulder blades [Music] [Applause] keep that core tight really squeeze on the top you want to hold it for a couple seconds you can [Music] excellent for the next move you're going to be seated on your bottom feet are going to be on the floor [Music] all i want you to do is rush and twist you're leaning slightly back engage in the car and you're just going to twist around and touch the floor with your hands so you're going to twist up twist up [Music] you're not leaning back where your core is struggling you want to lean back where it's a nice feeling you can feel that it's working but it's not out of control [Music] excellent let's go on to the next move which is going to be twist mountain climbers so you're going to be doing a mountain climber slowly but twisting to the other side of the mat [Music] this is going to be nice slow and engaged so come up into a plank you're going to have your knee touch the opposite elbow and back keeping that core sucked in that's nice and straight [Music] keeping that pelvis nice and neutral [Music] keep going not long left [Music] excellent okay now we're gonna repeat that from the beginning [Music] oh come [Music] change my emotions [Music] sweet emotions is [Music] [Music] [Music] some nights i'm having a hard time keeping my head above the water cold breath i cannot stand up too much weight on my shoulders messed up i want to stay [Music] you're lifting off the shape i'm keeping it together [Music] [Music] [Music] insane sometimes it feels like i'm just dancing on the border together without you i would be lost around the corners steady but only as long [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] i'm keeping it together [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] my [Music] [Applause] [Music] i'm keeping it together [Music] keeping it [Music] my [Music] together [Music] so guys that's the end of the workout if you enjoyed this don't forget to hit the like button also subscribe to my youtube channel because it really does help and i hope you guys are enjoying this free 30-day challenge if you are do not forget to join the free community that i have given you guys access to that gives you access to me personally so you can ask me anything that you like we're a community full of amazing people where we're going to be inspiring motivating and supporting one another sharing our top tips hacks recipes nutrition you name it we're all going to be doing it inside this app so make sure you join now for free in the description box below

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