Full Body Stretch Routine – 7 mins – Day 24 Summer Shape Up

[Music] hi guys and welcome to your stretching routine so just follow along with me i really want to just release any tension that you've had you know we've been going for it so i just really want to stretch out your body lengthen the muscles and just use this opportunity to relax okay so what you're going to be doing is you're going to be seated on your mat with your legs crossed just you take a couple of deep breaths in so [Music] so i want you to interlock your hands and i just want you to push them forward concave the chest in stretch out in front [Music] just feel that release come back to center and let's do that again so push it out amazing okay we need to interlock your hands now push it to the back and lift your chest and open it so you should feel a really nice stretch there in the center of your chest just hold it here for a couple more seconds release let's do that one more time amazing okay now what i want you to do is i want you to take one arm and i want you to cross it over your chest i just want you to hold it there so you should feel a nice opening in your back here [Music] switch sides [Music] excellent let's just go into a tricep because that shoulder workout was a killer so arm up i want you to just grab the top of your elbow and pull it you should feel really nice release there in your tricep muscle so just hold it here breathing through it's going over to the other side [Music] amazing okay just roll the neck for me and roll it the other way okay excellent okay now i want you to stand up and i just want you to have your feet slightly wider than hip width apart i just want you to come into a nice flat back position just hold that here have your hands on your hips and you should feel in the back of your knees the muscle always feels so good to do that okay you'll drop down to the floor hold it here for me if your hands can touch the floor that's great if they can't don't worry [Music] excellent i want you to walk over to one side grab the back of your ankle and use your chest here to come towards the knee just feel that release there [Music] [Music] excellent release and i want you to move over to the other side same thing lead with your chest please not your head pull in [Music] amazing okay come to the center and i want you to just drop down slightly your knees bending and i want you to put your elbows to your knees and i just want you to push out against those hips and just rock back and forth for a little bit that's going to be really getting into your hips there and your groin area and bring your hands onto your knees and i just want you to push with one arm out really feel a deeper stretch there come back to center switch sides [Music] amazing okay perfect so now what i want you to do is i want you to come into a hip flexor stretch so i just want you to turn and pivot onto your knee back leg nice and straight i just want you to hold this here hand on the knees almost like you're in a lunge position facing forward and i just want you to take a couple of breaths here [Music] okay arms up just hold that here for a minute you probably will also feel this in your calves at somewhere that i definitely feel it for me or you don't do enough stretches there but just hold that here breathe through [Music] okay now i want you to come down hands to the floor then i want you to split your legs to bring that back leg straight behind you front leg straighten out and just hold that pose there should feel a nice stretch back your hamstrings okay now you just slowly walk over hands on the floor pivot the body now i want the other leg now to bend into a lunge position the other leg the back leg goes nice and straight bring the hands onto the knees and come up just hold this position again in that lunge hip flexor stretch again you might feel this in your carbs like me still breathe through the exercises [Music] you want to bring your hands up that core still nice and engaged here as always we know that's important if that's one thing you take away from me it's the core engagement let me know in the community do you guys make sure you hold your core okay bring your arms down to the floor back legs going to slide in front leg's going to go straight and just going to hold that position again feeling a stretch in the back of your thigh nice okay now i want you to come to the center i just want you to roll up nice and slowly from one vertebrae at a time coming up up up up up up let's do a deep roll of the shoulders back two three come forward one two and three shake it out okay guys that's the end of your stretching routine so guys that's the end of the workout if you enjoyed this don't forget to hit the like button and also subscribe to my youtube channel because it really does help and i hope you guys are enjoying this free 30-day challenge if you are do not forget to join the free community that i have given you guys access to that gives you access to me personally so you can ask me anything that you like we're a community full of amazing people where we're going to be inspiring motivating and supporting one another sharing our top tips hacks recipes nutrition you name it we're all going to be doing it inside this app so make sure you join now for free in the description box below

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