Full day of eating in Seoul.. so much food

hey guys today I'm bringing you guys along with me I'm gonna be eating out the entire day in Seoul and I'm going to be trying new things and we are starting off with this Bakery over here for breakfast let's go! I don't know what Koreans eat for breakfast but this Bakery looks so good just have a look Sooo pretty! So I got this coffee it's basically: coffee at the bottom, cheese in the middle and chocolate on top it's a Mont Blanc and they told me not to stir it. I'm supposed to just drink it up like this it doesn't taste like cheese pastries that I chose… okay I'm gonna try to cut this up but it's a chance that I'm just gonna make a mess oh wow guys I'm gonna show you guys first bite! Korean's do pastries so well it's insanely good. I would give this 10/10, it's that good! okay next one this looks really interesting what is in here!??!? oh my god, I thought this was gonna be like a sweet pastry it's savory,.. like.. there”s ham cheese and asparagus in here or something dude, I got click…. click baited! I got baited by this so hard man I'm either gonna love it or hate it it's almost like a donut texture you know let me try this cream this is mayonnaise!! it's not even cream cheese I thought it was like custard or cream cheese you think that this is um icing sugar right but it's cheese oh! it's not asparagus, it's peas but it tastes pretty good this is oddly satisfying but personally I find it a little bit too sweet for my liking it's savory and sweet at the same time like when I eat savory food I want it to be purely salty and savory These aren't the worst but it's not the best but this is on the other hand This is really really good! I feel like I'm hunching forward the entire time while I'm eating this I don't want to get it on my shirt anyway so it's cherry blossom season but I think we're at the end of the season so I'm not sure whether I'm gonna catch any but I'm gonna try my best today… try my best?? I'm only going going to go to one location!! but hopefully I see some cherry blossoms and I've always wanted to see cherry blossoms because you only get to see that once a year only blooms for about seven days and it's just gone… gone for the year so let's go let's hope that we see some cherry blossoms today I definitely didn't plan this very well because I'm wearing high heel boots and I gotta climb all the way up to see Nam Sam Tower which is up there and that's where all the nice cherry blossom is so I'm gonna…I think there's probably about a thousand steps right there so I'm gonna try my best,… hopefully I can make it but at least it will be a nice glute workout right?!?! let's go!! these steps are so steep this is so scary with my heels look, I can't even fit my feet,… that's scary 1001, 1002, 1003, 1004 steps is this worth it? this is worth it right? so I've reached all the way to the top it was hard! my quads and legs are okay it was just my feet because this is a new pair but yeah it's really really pretty up here, and there's a lot of cherry blossom here but it's a lot of dead trees but it's really pretty here and there's lots of people it's just a really nice environment anyway I'm gonna head down now I'm going to go to the market now to have some food and I'm gonna take the cable car down I had no idea that there was a cable car so I walked all the way up with my heels anyway let's go I don't want to be near the oils because it terrifies me I don't want to get burned again it's just so scary all right we got some snackies this is a walnut cake, one of them is custard cake, cream cheese it has a little crunch from walnuts and then the custard in there is so so nice it's so creamy so six of these bowls are only 3,000 won, so it's about 50 cents each right pretty cheap let's go I want to eat some real savory food I could never eat a live octopus, that's just scary I can not! how do people…. apparently they suck on your tongue like inside your mouth it's pretty scary I got my food!! I got some noodles some meat dumplings, and shrimpies they're really affordable, like these are… seven dollars,… that's six,…. and that's five yeah this is nice because it's crunchy,… like there's some crunch in it, so the textures is not mush I don't really like mushy dumplings meat dumplings…. my favorite all right this is one good dumpling!!! I like the flavor This is pretty crunchy inside here. a second and we've got noodle! that was too hot!!! I think my favorite is the shrimp dumplings, followed by meat and then noodles their all really good though! definitely a good find and I prefer to come into the store it was pretty crowded outside and I was also afraid of getting burned because they cook in front of you, and after being burned before, that's like one of my traumas I stay away from hot boiling food, so I'm really lucky because this store is really worth it… I really like it!! Okay! it seems like everyone is holding a pancake, and I feel like I'm missing out so I'm gonna get myself one it looks so yummy look at it okay Look at it! Okay lets eat! nice chewy texture so I'm not really sure what's in there I think there's some red bean paste in there um and the dough is made of rice flour because it's quite chewy, so it has to be sweet potato or rice flour it's really really yummy though I like it okay I'm done with the market it's getting a little bit crowded here so I'm gonna do some shopping and then have dinner and I'll see you guys later so what I noticed while I was walking on the streets of Korea, is that they eat a lot of meat if you're looking to have a high protein diet Korea is a really good place it's really perfect for me right now because I'm trying to build some muscles I lost a lot of weight last year,… like too much weight for my liking, so I'm trying to gain some bulk back I can't wait to dig it because I have not had Korean barbecue in a long time I really like the Korean barbecue restaurants that you use charcoal so grilled meat on a hot plat,…e it's just not going to be the same as grilled meat over charcoal!! it just tastes a little bit more smokey and it's a lot nicer my face is burning up it's really hot I'm glad I'm wearing little but you know like there's so much red stuff in Korea wearing white things is just not a good idea I've stained a lot of my clothes so far Our meat is almost ready! I got two servings of pork belly and one serving a pork neck I really like pork neck typically, because they're not too fatty porkie is ready so we got some bean paste over here…. I really like this sauce ,.. some sea salt,.. some chili,.. some Wasabi,.. some shrimp and some vinegar This sauce is amazing so this is how I built my Samgyeopsal. my well-seasoned pork,… some vegetables because I don't have kimchi so this is all I have some rice and then now I'm gonna roll it this is like a little sushi! pop it in my mouth I'm done eating and that was my full day of eating just so you guys know summer shred is coming out in a few d

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