Get Defined ABS for the Summer – 10 Min Ab Workout

Hello guys! It's a new program for this summer. This is a four-week program. We have five new episodes to help you get ready for this summer! Make sure to check the website so you can find the full schedule. You can also make new friends by joining the team and completing the challenge together! I want to see how you guys are progressing over these 4 weeks, so send me feedback, and share your results on Instagram, TikTok or YouTube! So, are you guys ready? Let's go! We have 17 exercises today. 30 seconds of each exercise and 10 seconds of rest in between. Sit on your mat and let's start the exercise with a leg flap. Place your lower back flat on the floor, raise your legs up one by one like this. Keep your legs as straight as possible. Lift your shoulders off the floor to make the exercise more difficult, but do not strain your neck muscles. Make sure to focus on your abdominal muscles and lower your chin, and make sure that your back is flat on the floor at all times, so as not to hurt your lower back. No rest here! We're going straight to the leg extension. Bend your knees and extend them outward. Then bring them back towards your chest and repeat. Focus on your breathing. Exhale as you bring your knees toward your chest, and inhale as you bring them out. Feel it in your abs, guys, and do it at your own pace. Rest when you need to. Great job guys! Rest for 10 seconds now, bike cranks and tolerances are next. Laid on the ground. Then bring your right elbow towards your left knee, then try to touch your foot with your hands. It's totally okay if you're not flexible right now. Just do it at the pace that suits you, and the goal here is to finish the workout! It will get better over time. No rest here! Let's switch to the other side. Make sure you guys engage your abs, keep your back flat on the floor, and focus on your breathing. Great job guys! Rest and brace in a low plank position for leg raises. Start in a low plank position, lift one leg up, then slowly lower it. Engage your abs, thighs and glutes and alternate between your legs, do it nice and slow, and feel that burn! No rest here! We're going straight into plank with your hips moving. He lowered his hips from side to side, nice and slow. Do your best to get your hips as close to your mat as possible. You should feel it in your oblique muscles too! Great job, everyone! Rest and stretch on your mat for a reverse twist and crunch. Lay flat on the floor and raise your hips vertically, twist to the left side, and repeat. Your butt should be up while you lift yourself up and make sure you lower your hips down slowly so you feel the burn. No rest here! We switch to the other side. Remember to go at your own pace, here! It's about doing it with good form and getting stronger over time. And rest when you need to! You guys are doing a great job! Relax and our roll up tap! Lay flat on the floor with your arms extended. Now lift yourself up through your abdominal muscles, bringing your left knee to your chest as you touch your foot. Go back under and repeat on the other leg. We are halfway there. you guys! Keep going! No rest here! We're going straight to Butterfly Krang. I've been distracted here, so feel free to take a longer break if you need to, or start without me. Start by bringing your knees toward your chest, so that your arms touch your feet as you do a slight crunch in your abdominal muscles. Lift your shoulders off the mat slightly while you do the crunch, but your abdominal muscles have to do the work here. Rest for 10 seconds, now. Get ready to get into a low rainbow plank. While in a low plank, raise one leg above the other like a rainbow. Your abdominal muscles should be involved here, using your core, glutes, and leg muscles to balance yourself. And alternate between your legs, keep it up guys! We are almost there! It will be over. . No rest here! Plank and leg press is next. Get into a high plank position and press one foot out to the side, step back in, and repeat on the other side. As it were, make sure you engage and feel it in your abs. Great job guys! Relax. Flip yourself over and we have a dead bug variation. Lower one leg down with your other hand extended. Just alternate between your legs and arms. Make sure that during the exercise your back is kept flat on the floor, and you can make a slight bend on your knee if you are not very flexible. relax ! Plank tuck is next. Only three more exercises after this one! We're almost there, guys! Get into a high plank position. Lift one leg up, then bring your knee back toward your chest. Then on the other leg. Great job, everyone! ! Getting in and out of the legs is next. Extend your legs like this while leaning back slightly, then bring your knees toward your chest together and repeat. Focus on engaging your abdominal muscles and keeping your back straight. No rest here! The side krang is next. Lay flat on the floor with your hands out to the side. Extend your leg out, then return it to one side. You will feel this in your oblique muscles. Another 10 seconds of rest now! We have a saw in plank mode. While in a low plank, keep your butt inward. Engage your abs, glutes, thighs, and hamstrings. Now, move your body forward over your elbows and then back like this. This will really work your abs! That's the drill, guys! Great job completing the exercise! Please click like if you feel this burning in your abdominal muscles! Leave me comments and tell me how it went, and I'll see you at the next workout. See you soon!

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