10 min BRA BULGE & BACK FAT WORKOUT | Chest, Back & Arms

hi everyone my name's michaela and we're gonna do a 10 minute bra bulge and back fat workout today we'll be focusing on the chest back and our muscles all you need is a light set of weights i have five pound doubles with me today but you can use anything from three pounds to eight pounds and if you don't have dumbbells at home then just find something in your house like two full water bottles now you can not spot reduce fat but you can lift and shape those muscles underneath so grab your mat and let's get to it [Music] all right grab those dumbbells we'll start this workout standing bring those feet hip width and through the knees and leaning forward with palms facing one another we've got a wide fly back to center here we go exhale inhale [Music] you want a slight bend through those elbows and they are nice and lifted here drawing those shoulder blades together here at the top of the movement good working the back of the shoulders and those upper back muscles [Music] all right take a quick break we're gonna find a narrow lunge here and again leaning forward 45 degrees here with palms facing down you're going to lift bend press and lower here we go exhale inhale exhale inhale good taking those elbows nice and wide [Music] baby can't you see what you do to me [Music] all right we're gonna drop those dumbbells here come down to the floor find a push-up position hands on the outside of your mat here we've got push-up send it back good and to modify you can always drop those knees [Music] and send it back that way good inhale exhale [Music] [Music] i can't sleep [Music] take a break and we're gonna grab one of your dumbbells here come on to hands and knees and we'll do with your left hand row extend palms facing up row back down here we go exhale inhale exhale inhale nice [Music] so we're squeezing that elbow in and back [Music] all right take a breather before we move to the other side using our right arm this time [Music] here we go [Music] all right row extend row and down [Music] good you've got 15 seconds left of this movement [Music] all right and let's drop those dumbbells make sure they are out of the way for this one because we're gonna come on to our tummy do a superman position and making a snow angel with those arms here we go so we're reaching forward take them side squeeze those shoulder blades together and draw those shoulder blades back as their arms come to the side good inhale exhale keep those arms lifted off the ground here and you're looking down towards the floor here so we keep length through the back of the [Music] nothing can neck me all right quick break and same thing for the next movement you're just going to lift your upper body off the ground reach and pull here we go reach and pull so we're drawing those elbows back good if you do want an extra challenge then maybe lift your lower body off the ground as well and get into those clues [Music] good almost there 15 seconds long neck in your eyes [Music] okay so let's grab your dumbbells and flip around you're going to lean back 45 degrees press your dumbbells together and we're going to do a narrow chest press here we go exhale inhale okay so we're working into those core muscles as well and what i want you to focus on here is really press those dumbbells toward one another good that way we really target those inner chest muscles good press your hands together nice shoulders down and back here good lean back more no i'm moving closer to you [Music] all right come on to your back palms facing up slight bend through those elbows as we do four tiny circles one two three four and then press those uh dumbbells together here into a chest fly to intensify let's lift those hips up here we go one two three four and squeeze press them together good back out [Music] squeeze good almost there [Music] good press as hard as you can dumbbells together good five seconds lift those hips all right so this is your last move you are going to drop those dumbbells out of the way here hands are shoulder width you're going to tricep push up slowly down lift those arms off the floor then slowly come up good slowly down squeeze those elbows into the side body lift those hands off the ground good and back up you do want to intensify let's lift those knees up here we go last move good nice and slow on the way down [Music] [Music] five seconds last one [Music] and you're done oh amazing job if you enjoyed this workout don't forget to like this video and subscribe to my channel and don't forget to leave a comment below let me know what workout you want to see next i will see you in our next workout bye you

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