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what's going on everyone welcome back to x hit i'm katarina contours your new host and i'm so excited to be here today we got a killer 10 minute leg workout brought to you by fit bod we only have five exercises so it's going to go really really quick but it'd be very intense so with each exercise we have 40 seconds of work and then 20 seconds of rest and then we're doing that two times but don't worry i'm gonna be doing it every step of the way pushing you we got each other we have this community we're gonna sweat together i'm pumped let's go all right we're gonna go into our first exercise it's gonna be alternating lateral lunges let's do it 40 seconds of work then we got 20 seconds to breathe and recover with these lateral lunges make sure your weight is in your heels make sure your knee doesn't go too far over your toes your core is engaged the whole time we want to make sure it's about quality over quantity but if you can speed it up just a little bit please do so because we only got 40 seconds this is 10 minutes of work let's breathe my booty's already on fire should be filling it in your quads your hamstrings almost there in three two one and shake it out 20 seconds deep breaths in through your nose exhale out through your mouth we're going to be going down on the ground in 10 seconds we're going to be going into a glute bridge so go ahead lay on your back legs are going to be bent we're going to be pushing through our heels in three two one let's go all the way up and down up and down you wanna make sure we're pushing through those heels and we're squeezing our glutes at the top all the way breathing your core is engaged make sure you're not pushing your hands into the ground you really want to make sure your mind to muscle connection is right on the booty here we go 15 seconds almost there breathe can you speed it up just a little bit for that last 10 seconds come on let's go breathe all the way up in three two and one how's your booty burning my booty's burning all right stand on up we've got 15 seconds left breathe recover shake out your legs we have a good morning and a squat so make sure you're hinging from your hips your squat is in your heels your toes forward let's go good morning squat good morning you're like hello that's what a good morning is you better ever like high and then all the way back down you got 40 seconds your hands can stay behind your head or you can put them in front of you keep breathing after that good morning you're squeezing your glutes at the top same thing with that squat all the way up squeeze breathe 10 seconds left you're almost halfway through this workout do not stop it's 10 minutes burn out those legs you got three seconds two and one shake it out all right don't be mad at me i added in some more lunges for you just for getting those legs nice and toned okay we're doing front lunges alternating check it out breathe you got about five seconds left make sure that weight is in your heel three two one let's go forward and we're alternating we're breathing make sure it's quality over quantity but if you can speed it up please do because it's only 10 minutes you can never say you don't have enough time to work out because this is 10 minutes i'm breathing heavy my legs are burning we're doing this together come on let's go almost there 10 seconds left you can do this don't stop three two and one shake it out all right last exercise in the first round we have some pop squats i just wanted to add a little bit of cardio in there because we only have 10 minutes together shake those legs out this is the last exercise in the round then we repeat it one more time and you are done in two one let's go down and up you're just popping those legs together if you can't jump feel free to stay in a squat just like this but if you can give me that jump pop it up keep breathing this is our burnout at the end of the round you got 20 seconds almost there 15. you got this don't give up three ten seconds legs on fire in five three two last one and shake it out oh my goodness you are done with round one we only have to do it one more time and that is it for our workout shake it out we're going to be doing our alternating lateral lunges deep breath in two one let's go side and side keep breathing keep moving weight is in your heel make sure that knee is not going over that toe core is engaged the whole time i know it says it's a leg workout but you never stop working your abs let's go it's the last time you're doing this move this is the last time you are doing this move do not stop ten seconds here we go in five three two shake it out yep everyone's favorite we get to lay on the ground i mean that's the best part of the workout we're laying on the ground we're contemplating life we're proud of ourselves because we're here you showed up we're together here we go in three two one we're giving us a hip breath all the way up all the way down pushing through those heels squeezing your glutes right at the top and you speed it up just a little bit i know it burns i know it's hard but this is it you don't have to do this exercise again so give it your all let's go almost there all the way at the top breathing less than 10 seconds left here we go almost there in three two one almost halfway through this last round stand on up with everyone's good morning you're hinging at your hips you're giving me a full squat shake your legs out it's 40 seconds of work you can do anything for 40 seconds but keep pushing you got this here we go good morning into a squat let's go you're squeezing at the top every time if you need to if you can't feel it in your glutes feel free to feel your glutes to help activate that mind to muscle connection if you need to close your eyes to focus halfway let's do this you got 15 seconds come on let's go here we go last ten keep breathing don't stop can you speed it up just a little bit last five try and give me one more full set right here two and one and shake it out breathe deep breaths in through the nose exhale out through the mouth all right we have alternating forward lunges last time you're going to be doing lunges today shake those legs out let's try and go for speed but make sure you're using proper form let's work forward come on your weight is in your heels your toes are nice and flat your knee does not go over your toes keep breathing booty's on fire quads are on fire we're almost done halfway there 20 seconds i'm right there with you i know it sucked but that's okay that's why we're here to push ourselves to make ourselves be better come on breathe in five three two last one rest we are at our final exercise you made it nine minutes this is our last minute i need you to push yourself a little bit of cardio it's a quad burnout if you can't jump remember to stick with those squats but do something move all the way let's go hop squat stop pop it up make sure your weight is in your heels proper form can you speed it up just a litt

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