Get Straight Legs in 30 Days! Fix O or X-Shaped Legs (Knee Internal Rotation)

Before my problem was inner knee bow, bowed legs, flat feet after straight legs I also look slimmer and taller Hello everyone! I, April, will share with you today a group of exercises that changed the shape of my legs, whether you are on an O-shaped foot, as my feet were, or in an X- or This exercise is for you. Do this exercise once a day, then pay attention to changing some bad habits in daily life, such as crossing your legs or bending the instep inward or outward. This group of exercises can help you achieve a better leg shape in about a month. In fact, when I did that I saw the change within a week or so Okay, now let's get started First, let's start with the Cossack Squat Cossack squat to stretch the adductor muscles on the inside of your thighs Open your feet Place the balls of your legs diagonally outward as you squat facing the balls of one of your feet Outwards and lift your toes off the ground and up toward the ceiling while keeping your back straight. Sit in a squat with your hips down as much as possible. The adhesion of the two muscles below the thighs is one of the important reasons that cause internal knee curvature and leg curvature. This exercise can improve these problems. Well, let’s take BREAK Next, we're going to do a hamstring curl Stand on one leg and bend the other knee Bend your feet and slowly lift them back Lift your heel as close to your hip as possible and stay like that for a few seconds Note to Don't let your knees move forward when you lift your leg Keep your leg at the same Level with the knee, you can put your hands on your thighs like this. To remind ourselves not to bring the foot forward with our knees, so that the buttocks and thighs are effectively exercised. Lack of muscle strength in these two areas is the second reason for hyperextension of the knee and internal curvature of the knee, which ultimately leads to curvature of the legs. Exhale and tighten. Your abdominal muscles as you bend your legs back Inhale as you relax Okay, let's take a break Switch to the other side and do the same Keep pointing your toes back as you bend your legs Exhale outward and suck your belly in as you lift your leg Inhale as you lower your leg Execute your movements slowly Use a contraction Your muscles to complete the movement instead of using the inertia from swinging your leg. You can also do this by standing in front of a table. Place your thighs on the edge of the table. This will prevent your knee from moving forward. Good job, now take a break. Let's flex and pull the insteps up and down. Feet apart and knees bent. Slightly shinkel your feet off the ground as much as possible. Stay for two seconds, then stand on the instep of your leg. When standing on the instep, lift the heel off the ground as much as possible, and the center of your body should be evenly distributed over the front of the foot, which means that the center of the body should be directed more toward the ball of the foot. You just press the belly of the big toe on the floor This procedure corrects the function of flat feet Collapse of the arch is the third important cause of bowed legs Okay, now let's go to the yoga mat or bed Provided that the bed is not too soft Let's lie on the back with your knees bent and your feet facing each other Try To touch the ground with your knee as much as possible. You will feel the tension of the adductor muscles inside the thighs. We can also squeeze our hips or shake our legs. The stretch will be stronger. Stretching the muscles of the lower thigh increases the flexibility of the hip. The hip joint is a joint in the pelvis and the femur, if it is not flexible enough, will be compensated by the adjacent joint. For example, the knee will twist inward and rotate, causing a bowed leg and knee pain, so stretching the muscles below the thigh can be a good way to improve the bowed legs caused by internal rotation of the knee. Okay, let's relax our legs. Now we'll do the Clamshell. Lie on the side like this. Should your shoulder, hips and ankles be in one line Relax your feet and legs Tighten your hips and abs just use your glutes to open your leg outward Open to the maximum and hold your hip tight Stay for a few seconds and brace again Be careful to keep your pelvis stable This means when the legs are opened outward you should Doesn't the body follow external rotation Please relax your ankles We only use our muscles to open and close our legs Now you must feel that your hip is very tired We need to continue The harder the movement, the more effective our exercise Come, wait there! Okay, let's move to the other side and do the same thing Tighten your hips throughout the exercise Relax your legs and feet Keep your pelvis still Control your breath Exhale when you open your legs and engage your belly Inhale when you come back and relax This exercise works our middle and lower glutes They are the main muscles that pull the hip abduction because The sedentary lifestyle we live now both muscles are weak when we stand we walk, run and squat our knee will buckle inward our legs will not be straight our knees will also hurt and a lateral dip in the hip will appear so we should try to do this movement correctly Come on! Okay, next we're going to do the glute bridge Lie on your back and touch your heels to the floor Tighten your hips Slowly raise your hips until your thighs are in line with your body Hold your hips tightly at the highest point Stay for a few seconds and then come back Make sure your hip doesn't touch the floor when it comes down Your hip should be engaged in All the time in order to effectively train your glutes you can imagine that you are holding a very thin piece of paper between your buttocks so that it works our glutes The glutes are the most important muscle to keep your body upright If we sit for a long time, your glutes become week This will lead to a variety of posture problems All over the body Hence, doing hip exercises is not only for looking good but also for being healthy

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