Good Morning Yoga Flow (15 Minute Practice Along)

hi friends kathy madeo here back with another video this one a good morning flow we'll get started on our backs and end up on our feet energized and ready for our day let's get started [Music] meet me on your back soles the feet are down and we'll lift the legs up keep them at a 90 degree angle reach your arms up and we're just going to circle our ankles and wrists in one direction and then just switch big circles release the soles of your feet down take a big stretch of your arms just lengthen through your side body just waking up and from here straighten your left leg pull your right knee into your chest let your low back flatten as you release your low back and we'll take a twist so right knee over to the left you're on your left hip big circle of your right arm and gaze over to your right or up at the ceiling or sky and if you'd like you could straighten your right leg if that feels good and just slide your hand down the leg and we'll bring the knee back up and switch left thigh pulls in towards your belly and chest get a nice stretch here we'll take our right hip send it underneath the left so that the hips are stacked big circle of your left arm perhaps the gaze follows keep your left knee bent or option to straighten it without forcing a deep stretch here just letting your body open up and we'll come on to our backs knees are still bent soles of the feet down just widen your right knee out to the side you can have your right hand to the inside of it and just getting a stretch here through the adductors and now we'll lift the right foot and hook the ankle bring your left thigh in towards your chest for reclined pigeon continue to widen your right knee out to the right as you hug your left thigh in we'll release and just simply switch so left knee falls to the left you'll take your left hand you can even stabilize the right frontal hip point here just spreading the legs apart a little bit getting deep stretch into the adductors and we'll come back up place your palms down on an inhale lift your hips and engage your glutes to lift the pelvis up press your feet into the mat set everything back down we'll add in arms now so inhale raise your arms above your head your chin is a little tucked into your chest and then lower down one vertebra at a time keeping your pelvis tucked under here and you'll lower your arms down too and so that's the movement here as we lift up squeeze your glutes and come down and we'll just do a few of these hip breezes here and back down warming up our back body we'll do one more come on back down and then we'll work into a bridge pose lift your chest up lift your hips up roll one shoulder under and then the other one you can clasp your hands or you could grab the outer edges of the mat and kind of pull down keep pressing your feet into the mat lift your hips up press the back of your head into the mat you should feel a nice stretch in the front of the quads and the front of the torso and we'll set everything down from here straighten one of your legs and roll onto your belly come into sphinx pose forearms parallel elbows underneath your shoulders pull your elbows back continuing to energize your back body set your chest down tint your fingertips they'll go wide perhaps off the mat and inhale up serpent cobra engage your shoulder blades and exhale back down we'll do that two more times inhale up exhale down and last one inhale up and exhale down slide your right arm straight and we'll push into our left fingertips lift the left foot tap it behind you roll onto your belly again we'll just do that two more times onto your belly and last one and we'll switch sides straighten your left arm bend your right leg behind you tap we'll do that just two times two more times i should say and tap come on to your belly slide your left hand back push up the hips up send your hips back and we'll just take some dancing lines so readjust your knees and your hands as needed so big circles in one direction and big circles in the opposite direction from here we'll take some cat cows so pull your chest through your shoulders let your belly drop gaze up and on your exhale we'll flex the spine belly pulls way in get a nice stretch of that back and again inhale chest pulls through spine is in extension exhale flex the spine chin to chest last one inhale and exhale good we'll walk our hands about a hand's distance forward curl your toes hover your knees and send your sit bones up to the sky as you slowly press your chest back towards your thighs in a turbo dog from here you can move your hips to the right and straighten your left leg the left sole the foot will come down you're getting a nice side bend and we'll switch return to your turbo dog straighten your left leg and switch straighten your right return to your turbo dog will push off into a high plank and take some spinal rolls so you'll move back through turbo dog wave it forward high plank shoulder blades spread away bend the elbows and the sit bones up and last round here and you can straighten your legs or keep your knees bent whatever feels good for our downward facing dog push the floor away with your hands feel your side bodies get nice and long a couple more breaths come up onto your tippy toes we'll walk to the front of the mat and take a rag doll so you can have a soft bend in your knees grab opposite elbows let your head fully release relax your shoulders a little bit and we'll just sway side to side release your hands and roll up one vertebrae at a time standing tall in our mountain pose feel the crown of your head reach up feel your spine nice and long on an inhale reach your arms up take hold of your left wrist take a side bend to the right inhale up and exhale switch sides inhale up exhale fold all the way down bend those knees if needed half lift on an inhale as you exhale we'll step back to plank pose give me a nice strong plank pose here roll to the outer edge of your right foot we'll take side plank you can always have your right knee down here to modify push the floor away get really strong just using the core muscles around the spine to stabilize pelvis and spine feeling energy and strength and stability take your left hand down come forward chaturanga your knees can always be down inhale upward facing dog or cobra and exhale downward facing dog forward into plank pose again take side plank i got sneaky on you didn't i we started off so nice and easy but you know that's how our days should start right or i would recommend easing in push the floor away get nice and strong and then building some stability getting lots of energy percolating through your body okay we'll take that right hand down we're in plank pose shift forward chaturanga inhale upward facing dog and exhale downward facing dog on an inhale sweep your right leg up we'll bend the right knee take a couple hip circles in one direction so good to get into the synovial fluid in the hip joint we'll switch directions helps increase our

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