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Healthy 1st Birthday Cake | No Refined Sugar + Gluten Free

hey guys and welcome back to my youtube channel so we are doing the cooking with holly episode but today this is going to be a very special bake off because today i'm actually filming the birthday cake for my daughter's first birthday so this is going to be a gluten-free dairy-free and a refined sugar-free recipe so you don't have to make this for your baby obviously you place but anyone i've tested it it's delicious hence why it's going to be on youtube so we're going to dive straight in so i hope you guys are excited for this video okay so for this recipe i'm going to just quickly take you through the ingredients that we need so you need about three to four bananas i'm not gonna lie these are tiny bananas in charge of them he got the crappy ones so obviously we want them to be right because the right the other sweet they are plus they're better for the donation in babies so we are probably going to be using about five of these because they are tiny you need six eggs you need six i can't even say the words i'm not even going to try and say it individual dates or something i'm letting them soak in warm water at the moment so they're a lot softer to blitz then we have baking powder cinnamon we have coconut oil and we have coconut flour we also are going to be putting in some fresh raspberries into the mix because it makes it uh extra juicier so let's get cracking guys okay so what we're going to do for the first part is you're going to blitz the dates so like i said they should be pre-soaked it just makes them a little bit softer so what we want to do is we want to take the dates we want to open them up and you want to get out the seeds or the pits whatever the hell they're called and just toss them to the side we're going to be putting six in total into your processor now as you can see i don't have a fancy processor i just have one of the hand ones i should have bought the nutribullet we didn't think that far ahead in advance so we're using this so to take those out yum yum take that to the side and let's get blitzing now i'm not gonna lie it does get pretty sticky and it does get pretty irritating but just use your hands take it off and then what you're going to do is you're going to add in your bananas now this tastes delicious and i try not to eat it because it tastes like caramel so you want to take your bananas and like i said i probably am going to put all five in because they are tiny so you just want to take your bananas make sure they're nice and ripe and you just want to pop them in here so i'm probably going to do two at a time and blitz them because this isn't a very big whatever it's called handheld processor so let's do two at a time all right so that shut up let's get the next ones so pop in the next two to be honest yeah let's just put three in let's get wild with it so shove them in there actually i like this and i'll throw them in the blitzer so we'll be doing two right let's do the final one and as you can see it makes this really nice like creamy banana texture perfect so final one guys and then that will be itch shove that in let's move that to the side i'm just going to take a spatula all right so what you want to do now is you want to get a bowl and you just want to transfer the date and the banana mix into the bowl so this sort of acts as like the main bit of the batter it is honestly delicious i tried this yesterday it literally tasted like caramel this is why you don't need any sugar in here so just mix that we're going to get the next bowl and we're going to do the coconut flour which i've already measured out don't worry guys in the description box below i will put all of the measurements so you guys have everything that you need so you're going to put in your coconut flour you're going to put a teaspoon and a half of baking soda and then you're just going to put a dash of or as much ready as you like the cinnamon i love cinnamon and then you are just going to mix that all together okay so put that to the side now you're going to come back to your banana mix and now this part you're going to add six eggs in now if you are vegan i haven't tried it i'm pretty sure you can substitute with chia seeds warm water so it makes that binding consistency so six eggs into the mix that's not working on that surface is it so six in here two three four five six the final one and then you're also going to get your oil now the oil i've already measured out you need 60 milliliters of coconut oil so pour that on top for the wet ingredients and then you are just going to mix that together when that's come together what you're going to do is you're now going to mix in those dry ingredients into the wet ingredients that you've done okay and then we're just going to stir that in nice and slowly now what you will notice that it does seem quite wet to begin but what we are going to do afterwards is we're actually going to let this sit for 10 minutes because that just brings everything together more finds it makes it a lot thicker and it's just to enable really the coconut flour to bind with the mixture okay so when you feel that that has come together nicely it might look a little bit lumpy at first because don't forget obviously you do have the banana in there okay so when that's done you are just literally going to set a timer and you're going to let that sit for 10 minutes in total so that's what we're going to do and i will be back after 10 minutes and we're back it's been actually about 15 minutes but hey-ho who's counting so the next part guys is you want to cut up basically in half some raspberries again i'm going to put the quantities down don't worry but i already did this free hand so what you're going to do is you're going to gently fold this into that mixture that you've done now you should see from the consistency it should be looking like this so relatively looks the same but you can just see that's got a little bit fluffier and it's got a little bit thicker which is exactly what we want so what you're going to do is first of all i'm actually just going to take about half of the portion and i'm going to mix it and then i'm going to gently fold in this mixture because you do want it to keep its fluffiness now honestly i thought first of all i don't want to put strawberries in the mix but trust me it's not strawberries it's raspberries why would i want to put that in the mix and trust me you do so let's just take the next part of it let's just dump that all in there beautiful and then we're just gonna gently fold that in beautiful okay now for the recipe the tin that you need to get is 18 inches i'm not gonna lie i couldn't get 18 inches the only pan i could get was 22. plus it was a love heart now who can resist a lump up for their child's first birthday not me so we are having this love heart now i don't know how this is gonna go i'm just gonna shove it all in and see and pray that it rises more because it's not gonna be as small but let's go so take

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