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Day 23: 7 Minutes Slim Legs (Home Workout Challenge)

hey guys and welcome to day 23 of the 30-day challenge how are you guys all feeling do you feel like you're making great progress do you feel energized do you feel sore today we are doing a seven minute slim leg workout so we're going to be exercising non-stop for seven minutes with no breaks at all so make sure to do as many reps as you can and follow along with me okay guys I hope you're ready for this workout to begin up what we're going to do is we're going to go into a sumo squat position and for one minute all you're going to do is pose those these exercise out so with this move you want to make sure that your poor sucked in the entire time and you just want to use those little ecosystem in those knees in and out [Music] that's it keep going guys if you want to bring the squat down lower you're absolutely welcome to do so [Music] a some job guys now calm down onto your knees all you're gonna do is lunge forward and then kick with a straight leg out to the side now when you're munching you want to make sure that your hands are on your hips just seem balanced if you wish and then you want to bring one arm to the floor as you flip up to the side now with this move you want to make sure that you really offering that leg as high as you possibly can and making sure those throw that night and point it make sure that course up in Nathan sucked back to the spine [Music] stopwhat guys straight over to the other leg so that's a lunge forward and then you want to keep out to the side same exact movement again make sure that those toes are pointed you're kicking that leg as high as possible [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] except now I want you to come down onto your side on the floor for the next move you've been into a clam and then all you're going to do is keep those legs out in a V position out to the side with this move you want to make sure that your leg is not touching the floor at all I want the hobbit in the air the entire time that's it guys great work keep going keep breathing keep pushing through [Music] [Music] the next moon pies I want you to just lick that lower leg on the floor post me up and down making sure that foot is flexed as you do it so it's just a nice simple [Music] guys [Music] right guys [Music] [Music] to [Music] so guys keep going keep pushing through [Music] extra switch now to that bottom leg raise lift it up and down make sure those feet is flexed down [Music] [Music] [Music] guys keep going and now let's switch it to the top leg lift it up and down [Music] [Music] and that is it guys world up completing your leg workout so guys that was the end of your slim leg workout if you liked this video don't forget to hit the subscribe button and also give this video a big like for me and guys I really want to hear from you in the comments so let me know which one of these workouts did you find the hardest was it the squat with the pulses for a minute or did you guys prefer they're clowns with the leg kicks let me know in the comments below and also don't forget guys if you want to know the best diet and training program for you and check out the free squeeze that we have in the description box below [Music]

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