High Intensity AB Workout | 10 Min Standing Abs Workout to BURN FAT & Get ABS

Hello everyone, today in this video we have abdominal exercises in a suspended manner. These exercises are very difficult, because they are difficult to work and very intense. The abdominal muscles will sweat, and you will feel out of breath, but this will help you in obtaining the abdominal muscles because of their intensity. This exercise It burns 100 to 150 calories in just ten minutes. Of course this depends on how long you continue and also many other factors. So try to continue until the end, and let's begin! Today we have ten continuous exercises, 50 seconds of exercise and 10 seconds of rest. We start with the knee pads. Bring one of your knees as high as you can, about hip level, and do it as quickly as possible during the movement. Do a little crunch as well, and remember to maintain and engage your abdominal muscles. While moving I've made movement easy to work out too, for those of you who prefer low impact exercises we have a 10 second break and the second exercise is standing crunches with bicycles bring one leg up and touch your reverse elbow don't forget it's essential to keep your abs very tight by contracting and engaging Core muscles. This is very important! The third exercise is pulling the knee. Extend your hands with your left leg behind you and bring your knee as high as possible, while pulling your hands down. Do it as quickly as possible, while maintaining and engaging your abdominal muscles well. The next exercise is the same thing, but on the other side. Remember to engage and squeeze your abs too! The next exercise is to touch your toes while you are standing. Keep your legs as straight as possible and make sure to engage your abdominal muscles during the exercise. I keep telling this joke, it is very important. The next is a jump with a tuck. Jump as high as you can so that your thighs touch my hands. This is The movement has the effect of raising your heart rate and you will definitely feel short of breath. I was doing this movement as quickly as possible, so try to push yourself and do it as much as you can, but know your body’s limits as well. I also included the low-impact movement, if you prefer it to me. This exercise. The next exercise is the reverse chop. Keep your hands straight and raise them and cross them along your body to the position where you are standing upright. Make sure that you are using your abdominal muscles to move your hands. You can also add dumbbells if you want. With a lot of difficulty. Come on, let's do the same thing for the limb. The other: We are almost done! The last exercise is gloves with a front kick. Kick your left leg forward, and while making small jumps using your right leg. This movement helps you engage your lower abdominal muscles. Do this exercise for 25 seconds and move the same thing to the other side. I also included a low-impact movement for this exercise and now do the same thing to the other side. The final exercise is a toe touch extension. Have your left leg extended back. While your right hand is extended upward, then bring your leg forward and your hand below so that they touch. Make sure to keep your legs and hand as straight as possible and engage your abdominal muscles as well. Do this for 25 seconds and move to the other side. Now move to your right side. Only 3 seconds and we're almost done. Congratulations on reaching the end! Hey guys and my loves! Click like if you are able, do this exercise for your abdominal muscles to complete today's exercises, and thank you for watching, bye, bye!

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