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Welcome back! So today's video is going to be a HIIT Cardio workout. And so lots of you guys asked me on my Instagram, or on my video when I do any sort of Cardio, and to be honest, I haven't done cardio for a long, long time until quite recently. That's because I've gained some fats on my tummy area, like I've said in my previous video and So HIIT cardio is really efficient when it comes to burning fats. So today's HIIT workout is going to be quite intense, guys. It's only 16 minutes, 8 exercises, 4 sets each. And within each set, you can do 20 seconds of the exercise and rest for 10 seconds, and then repeat again. And that's going to be a total of 32 sets. 16 minutes, this workout is going to burn so, so bad. But you're gonna feel so, so freakin' good. So get on your active wear, you can do this at home, and let's get started. So guys, it is very important to warm-up before any exercises, So we are going to do six warm-up exercises, 30 seconds each. First we are going to start with a light jog for 30 seconds. Just a light one. And then cross your arms, and move your legs for another 30 seconds. Don't swing your arm too hard at first, start slow. Next we're going to do butt kickers for 30 seconds. Bring your knee up to your hips level, touching your opposite hand. Again, start with limited range of motion until your body's more warmed up. Then I'm going to do some side lunges. This helps me to warm up my hips and legs area and also give it a nice stretch. Now for the final warm-up exercise. We are going to do jumping jacks. The classic one and your body should feel quite warm right now. Now we're ready for the HIIT routine, 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off. The first exercise, is power jacks. This is basically a jumping jack with a wide squat. So squat as low as you can. With your legs quite wide apart, then jump up like you're doing jumping jacks. So when you're doing wide squat or sumo squat, you are working on your inner thighs. And when you're jumping up, you're basically working on the whole body level. Also, remember to keep your back as flat as possible when you're doing the squat. Now rest for 10 seconds, and then we're going to do this for another 20 seconds, three more times. Next we have high plank jacks. Start in a high plank position and jump your feet out to the sides as if you're doing jumping jacks, but in a high plank position. Keep your back straight and contract your abs while you're doing it. So I've structured this HIIT workout so that we're alternating between full-body exercise and abs exercise. Just a bit of breather in between. Let's rest for 10 seconds, and then we are going to repeat this for another 20 seconds. Next is jumping lunges. Start in a lunge position with your knees bent at about 90 degrees. Then jump and switch your legs. Make sure your front knee doesn't pass your front toes. This works on your legs, your glutes, your core, your calves. It is basically a compound move, working on different muscle groups at the same time. It is so good. Oh man, you can tell how tired I was. Let's rest for 10 seconds and repeat that for another 20 seconds 3 more times, okay? Mountain Climbers. This is a great abs exercise. Bring one leg in at a time, as fast as you can. Do it fast, Or you can slow it down if you're getting tired. So guys, my posture here isn't perfect, My back is rounded, and it's supposed to be straight. So I'm so sorry about that. So when I was recording this workout, I was really drained because I did back workouts two days ago. And then legs workout the day before, so my body was like, Super sore. My back and my shoulders and my arms and my legs. So I've no idea why I recorded this video the next day. I should have really waited for one more day for my body to recover, but I Needed to get this done. Yes, so make sure your back is straight. I have another clip of the correct version, that I've done in the past and Yeah. Let's rest for 10 seconds and repeat that for another 20 seconds. So we're halfway there now. If you need to take a 30 seconds break before the next exercise, you can. Just pause this video or take a minute break. Have some water and come back for the next round. Burpees, you've got to include this for every HIIT workout. So start at a squat position, Jump both legs back, then jump back into the squat position, and jump into the air. Lots of jumping here, you can include a push-up too, if you're strong, but I'm not. Let's rest for 10 seconds and repeat that for another 20 seconds, three more times. Next we have ski abs. Start in a high plank position, then jump both legs to one side, jump back into the middle and Off to the other side. This is my new favorite abs exercise. It's intense and I love it. Let's take a 10 seconds break and we are going to do it again. Next we have jumping jacks. Because I know I was going to run out of breath. So, This is our seventh exercise group. We are almost done. Almost there, keep going guys. Let's take a 10 seconds break, and we are going to do it again. Now, I'm ending with plank. It's a killer after all those exercises. Because you got to keep your body as straight as possible. It is so hard at this point, but we're almost done, last exercise group. Okay guys. Let's do this. And Finally we are done! Congrats everybody! Good job guys. And remember to do some cooldown exercises and stretches. And that's it, guys! Yay! So I thought I'd address one question that get asked a lot in my abs video, and So a lot of you guys asked me whether you can get like, flat abs, or abs definition, or you know, just flat tummy. Just doing those exercises in my abs video. The answer is yes, and no. It depends on your current situation over here. So if you don't have much fats to begin with, maybe just a little bit of fats, then yes. You can get the definition really quickly, like I could see mine. Just within a month and So, yeah. It depends on what you have here at the moment. Like you have lots of fats around your abdominal area, then you need to do some sort of cardio, like you can do HIIT cardio, which is my preferred way, but you can go for swimming, cycling, running, There's lots of other things that you can do to burn fats. Burn calories basically. So yeah, it's really up to you. What you like to do. But the reason why I choose HIIT cardio because it is a lot more time efficient. it is only like 20 minutes tops and you get your work done, your workout done and You burn heaps of calories doing HIIT exercises because they are really quite intense, and at the same time I can preserve my current muscle mass. And that is very, very crucial for me, because it takes me a long time to build my legs and my glutes. Everything takes a long time because I was once a skinny girl, like really, really skinny. So I thought I'll address that before I end the video, because lot of you guys ask me that. Yeah, my armpit is itchy right now. Gross. Also, one more last thing, guys. I'm so sorry that this video

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