How Do I Stay Fit (Pt.1) – Diet l Calories Intake l Lunch idea l Golden Food Triangle

[Music] so [Music] so i used to get some questions ask me how do you lose weight uh what is your diet plan and like um why do you eat whatever you wanted to eat and still not getting fats girls i know the struggle i've been there done that's never going back again and i know how important it is to have a correct way to lose weight so today i want to share with you some of my tips and the bloody lessons i've learned for the record i am not a nutritionist or a doctor i just simply love this kind of knowledge and this kind of information so i did my research i studied it for years and it works for me and i just wanted to share with you and hopefully you find it useful and it works for you let's go so as you know to have a beautiful body shape you will need exercise but it only accounts for 20 the other 80 is actually come from your diet so what you put inside your body and how many food you put inside your body is the far most important thing on earth you will need to first change or adjust your diet plan i'm not asking you to turn to vegan straight away or like drink tons of protein powder no here's something you need to know first you will need to find your own tde which is total daily energy expenditure that means that's how many calories you need to burn per day okay so basically bmr means if you are a human being and you're breathing that's the basic calories you're burning and that's includes the physical activities that you do every single day for example like walking tf means the calories that are burned by our digestive system and the last one means the energy that you're burning when you're okay i know it's a long thing let me just count to the chase you will need to increase your bmr and that's the key because it relates to metabolism and even though you're not exercising you're still burning calories so how do you achieve that is by getting more muscle on your body first you will need to know your own bmr as you know we are different so we have different formula for me for example after all the calculations my results is 1231.5 that means that's the basic calories that i need to take in every single day even when i'm not exercising then according to activities level use your bmr to multiply it for example for me i do yoga every day i go talking so i'll consider myself at mid level and after all the calculation my resource is 1693 that means if i keep doing exercise that's the calories that i need to take in miss what do you do with these numbers good question smart student let me tell you so if you want to lose weight you will need to eat less than your number around 300 to 500 and if you want to maintain your current state you will just have to eat what you have calculated and if you want to gain some muscle you will need to eat more than your number around 200 300. okay i know the numbers are annoying but if you want to lose weight in a healthy and effective way by not starving yourself or overeating i think it's worth to do some numbers so there's always a golden food triangle which is protein carbs and fats so for the protein i'm sure you must heard about protein shake and i used to get some friends asking me like do you have any recommendations for the protein shake which ones taste better and which one is more effective well to be honest i don't drink that i would just focus on having daily quality protein food every single day and if you're not going for like a super muscular type or going to the bodybuilding competition we actually don't need that much protein in our body getting some more high quality protein in your everyday meal and that's more than enough so for example everybody knows like eggs chicken breasts soy milk i love soy milk salmon chip bees broccoli this kind of food so the second thing is cubs so many people are so afraid of cops because they think cops is the reason why they're getting fats but no the reason why you are getting fat is because you are overeating it's not about cups so it's not about skipping cups it's about choosing it wisely try to avoid the refined starch like cakes rice noodles bread cookies and try some more natural food with some natural starch for example like the roots vegetables pumpkin potato kumara beans what else corns yes i love corns as well and number three is fats uh i'm trying to lose weight here are you asking me to drink oil uh girls come down here i'm not asking you to drink oil i'm asking you to drink wine no neither i'm not asking you to drink oil or wine i'm asking you to choose wisely because our body needs that we need oil running in our stomach for that for our digestion we need our oil on our skin because if you don't have oil you're gonna age so fast you don't want that right girls so once again everybody knows to avoid butter have some more natural food with the natural oil with the good quality oil for example nuts avocado i love avocado and salmon what else olive oil everybody knows you name it and in terms of the portion i would just have 60 protein 30 cups and 10 fats and i would try to stick to this ratio in my everyday meal i would pay more attention on the cubs and fat intake for example if i ate a big avocado toast during breakfast i would just cut down the rice intake and stay away from the greasy food during my uh dinner time and i'm not sure if you guys heard about vegetable tax so it's like taxes you don't like it but you still have to pay it same as vegetables i mean you don't like it but you still have to eat it because it is healthy and delicious i guess no not all of us like to eat vegetables but i found trick which is finding your own favorite vegetables duh it's true right i mean go to the supermarket and there's tons of ingredients out there and you just have to find something that you like and you dislike and once you find your favorite food favorite vegetables carbs fats protein i mean it's easier for you to stick to that right and so for the vegetables i would just have it before meats and caps so that it's better for digestion and it fills you up with low calories so you got to have the vegetable tax i know it's a lot to take in and this video is not asking you to waste everything before you eat but sort of give you an idea on how much your body actually need what kind of food you should eat so that you can be healthy but not skinny i have so many things i want to share about like my workout routine my bloody lessons on excessive weight loss and how i recovered from it but if i put it in here it's going to be endless so i'm just going to put it in the next video so i thought i would show you my rice paper pizza this contains a lot of good proteins and good fats it's super easy you will first need a rice paper of course so put it into the pan crack an egg into it turn up the heat so before i go i just wanted to tell you that no food in the world are poison they all have their nutrition you just have to be aware of what you're eating control the portion and simply enjoy

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