How to Backbend Safely & Easily | Camel Pose Tutorial | FIX Lower Back Pain

hi guys welcome back to another yoga class so some girls ask me how do you bend backward properly especially for those who are new to yoga you can try this yoga routine as a preparation for your backbend yoga posture and also for those who always feel stiff around your back this will help you to ease your pain as well so without further Ado let's get on to the video okay now lie down on the floor with your elongated spine extend your hand and every time when you come up squeeze your back muscles [Music] please [Music] now rest your head on the floor for a few seconds we're going to do another sets later [Music] okay one more set of this flying Superman pose come on lift up a little bit higher feel the squeeze in your back [Music] working in the kitchen [Music] okay now rest for a few seconds [Music] now slowly comes up and push yourself into child pose yes this is a gentle preparation but it is important to relax your back muscle so that it can get prepared for the intense backbend later [Music] thank you now come to table top we're going to do a half spinal waves I know it might be hard at first but just try [Music] imagine you are the sea waves in the ocean relax your body vertebra by vertebra [Music] okay you did a really great job now let's rest in child pose for a few seconds [Music] I'm sure you can do a full spinal waves now let's do that to unlock our spine you don't have to do the exact curve as long as you can feel the stretch in your back you are good [Music] foreign [Music] foreign [Music] okay now slowly push yourself into trial pose we have to relax those back muscles [Music] oh can I come up to your knees place your hand right under your rib cage and elongate your lower back don't Arch it like this you're going to hurt your back now inhale slowly Bend backward and exhale come back with a flat back and squeeze everything in this is more like a camel pose to cat Cow pose [Music] thank you foreign [Music] now slowly come down and lie on your back okay we're going to do a bridge pose this can help you to open your hip flexor your thighs your chest and strengthen your glutes and your hamstrings keep your breath steady we're going to stay here for a few seconds [Music] now exhale gently put yourself back down we're going to do a fish pose now extend your legs and slide both of your hands under your hips adjust your position and keep your spine in the straight line inhale come up with your upper body pointed toes chest Towards the Sky exhale slowly slide back down [Music] and the last one we stay here for four breaths [Music] slowly slide back down and rest for a few seconds [Music] [Music] okay now come up let's try to do a full camo pose come to your knees and remember hands under your rib cage and bend with a flat lower back inhale slowly Bend back as low as you can and exhale come back with a flat back foreign foreign [Music] okay let's be a little adventurous this time try to place your hand on your heels strengthen your thighs lift yourself up with your chest we stay here for a few breathings [Music] [Laughter] [Music] now strengthen your core slowly place your hand under your rib cage and exhale come back with a straight spine from here we go directly into child pose it is normal that you feel the stiffness and the pain in your lower back that's why we're in child pose to relax those muscles [Music] [Applause] drop your body weight on the floor close your eyes and just enjoy this silence [Music] foreign [Music] thank you so much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed it and I will see you guys in the next one bye [Music]

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