How to Do a Burpee

hello and welcome to exit my name is Kelsey Lee and today I'm gonna show you how to get your Burpee on all right so I'm gonna demonstrate kind of tutorial salad then I'm gonna go nice and slow so you can get in the groove and then we're gonna pick it up okay we are starting here in squat position okay nice and flexible through the toes put the weight in the heel spread the floor with your feet alright so starting here squat thrust kick it back no sinking ships or butts in the air chest the floor back up drop jump jump squat okay make sense slow and controlled no elephant action so we're not stomping so when absorb that through the heels the toes all the way through the quads okay so now I'm gonna show you guys what we're waiting what's really being activated where you should be feeling it not all in your knees so squat position and remember what's next the squat thrusts so kick it out control nice and fast explosive filled out in your core if you're sinking down exhale and pull the ABS up lock it down in the front your shoulders and your triceps are also being activated okay right through here stabilizing you we're gonna go ahead and do a push-up touch the ground come back up feel those triceps and their shoulders and also the chest of course okay so now we're gonna bring it back up frog jump style core also the calves as we come up into a squat jump absorb it like I said earlier right through here calves all to the beat okay and the core you guys good you want to try this a couple times slow let's go for it squat position take it out push it up bring it in and jump try it again squat position kick it out push it up bring it in and jump okay perfect so now that you have the technique down and remember technique is gonna take precedence over anything else we don't want to hurt ourselves it's not worth it just punch them out so let's go ahead and start follow along if you want or just watch and then give it a shot so here I go what is my exhale perfect all right give it a shot yourself and see how you do all right you guys you did awesome on today's Burpee tutorial and we're gonna be doing these weekly so keep in touch make sure you're connected subscribe here on exit get on our newsletter and of course leave video comments if you like and follow me on twitter at Kelsey Lee comm hope you're getting your Burpee on see you next time

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