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How To Get A Full Body Burn With Just A Band

[Applause] foreign [Applause] hey guys Dr Christy Ennis welcome to follow me Friday today we are going to sweat and burn gently with our bands to get the whole body so the equipment you will need today is a long band it doesn't have to have handles but you can have handles if you want and I'm also going to use a little Loop band towards the end to do some other leg exercises if you don't have this that's okay too you can just tie your long band but this is the one we're going to get started with so I'm going to step on this band with one leg obviously if you step closer it's going to be more resistance further away is less resistance it's getting caught in my toes but from here we're going to go out to the side into a side lunge and then I'm going to bring that band up at about a 30 degree angle so working legs and arms here so there's two I'm gonna get a little less resistance three ten on each side here today four squeeze into those shoulder blades sit that butt back five six you don't have to have your hand on your hip either Seven just be careful not to hike your shoulder eight nine and one more is ten switching to the other side if you like this video today and want to see more videos make sure to check out my locals page which also helps support me all right so same idea except I'm going to step on it with the other leg we're gonna go out to the side and then again about that 30 degree angle it to me feels better to have my thumb up you can play around with that and see what feels better for you that's three four so obviously if you don't have a handle you're just gripping no big deal five five six six seven you might already be sweating a little eight I'm a heavy sweater nine and ten good okay we're standing on that band with both feet this time stepping to the side and adding a bicep curl so it's step curl I'm going to do two steps to one side and two to the other of course it depends on how much space you have at home your office or the gym wherever you happen to be so that's four five [Music] six make sure that when you're stepping you're just shifting your weight versus leaning and doing the penguin thing nine my arms are already tired ten that's halfway eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen we have four more seventeen eighteen nineteen and 20 boy those biceps are tired the gym is that way all right from here I'm just going to face the other direction here for you guys still standing on in that band with both feet going into a squat that feels comfortable for your bodies and then squeeze those shoulder blades extend those arms straight behind you I don't go down too far in that squat my body has some limitations so again it's okay if yours does too right for the important thing is you're moving and being healthy for yourself five bands are squeaky six and some days of course are better than others right seven eight two more like this nine and ten good okay from here I'm gonna face you guys again I'm standing on one part of it grabbing that handle with both hands I'm going to come a little wider in my stance and then I'm going to lift and pull right so I'm really coming obviously using my arms but I'm really trying to use those abs to pull me you can add a little pivot as long as you don't lose that band so that's three [Music] four obviously you won't have resistance through the whole motion five six seven nine and ten and switching directions and I love the bands because there's a lot of days when my body just cannot hold a dumbbell and so this feels way more comfortable while still being able to work it so here's one the side is more sore two again pivot if you can but it's okay if you don't just don't torque your knee there three four five lift your head follow if you can also six seven three more eight nine and ten good okay facing the other way again we're gonna go into a single leg deadlift so that's the leg move and then we're adding a row with it so please hang on if you need to no falling over today any day really but really not now so I'm going into that single leg deadlift and my other arm shoulder squeezes back and I'm going to add a row you may find that you need different resistances for bands as you go through I will link these below also because they oftentimes sell them in packs of different resistances here's four really pressing back in through that standing leg that's the leg that's doing the work five six finding a balance point two helps to focus on seven something that's not moving eight two more on this side oh nine and ten and switching size I'm going to stay facing the same direction just so you can see what this leg is doing that's on the ground so again I'm going to stand a little bit we got a little bit more resistance there so this leg on the ground is the one that's doing the work shifting those hips back squeeze into that shoulder blade add that row I can't look at you guys because if I do I will lose my balance that's two remember I said some days are better than others three and you just gotta go with it four la la five six it is yes sometimes it does help to keep another arm to help out there seven sometimes not eight nine and ten we have one more exercise before we take a band and put it around the legs so this one we're going overhead with that arm for the tricep and going into a lunge as I fall over again don't do that don't be me so from here I'm actually going to Lunge it forward a little bit I'm going to come up onto my toes a touch as I come down my hand is behind there I'm going to extend that arm or that forearm up and then I'm coming all the way up with that front leg straightening and so it's down and up it's okay if you go the opposite too that's three four if you can extend this arm up a little bit more even better but just obviously watch your shoulders five six don't whack yourself with the band either Seven eight two more on this side nine and ten switching sides switching arms switching legs all that good stuff again I'm coming back just a touch and here I'm gonna lunge it down and then lift it up for one I may have done that reverse that's okay like I said two as long as you're getting the lunge and the triceps three four whoa five six seven three more eight nine and ten great either grab your Loop band or take a moment just to tie this band up tie you up so that you can put it right over your legs all right we've got three more exercises to go using our little bands around the legs the higher up the bandwidth the easier it will be so if you find that you don't have the right resistance band you can adjust by moving the band up or down so coming back into that little bit of a squat we're gonna take two steps that way and then from here we're going to go a little leg lift a little leg lift this one is a burner for sure it doesn't look that bad but trust me I did these earlier today right okay and left and left that's four we're only going to get 10 of these total because it's a lot five trying to bring t

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