How to Get Arms Like a Victoria’s Secret Model

everyone you're watching X hit now today I'm super excited because I'm going to be bringing you another episode of our Victoria Secret series and we're going to be working on our wings today that's it our arms so we've got a few exercises 30 seconds each I'm gonna start off coming down to the floor working on our triceps now if you haven't already noticed I do have a little bit of an assistant with me this is Alfie say hello Alfie Alfie okay listen again we're gonna start with just dipping down okay so you don't want that bottom to touch the ground just using those tricep muscles to push this up and you're joining in LBL becoming a rest right now okay so you can be exercising later apparently okay really are working out those arm muscles getting nice and toned just 30 seconds for each exercise so it's gonna keep us motivated less than 10 seconds to go really push yourself up don't let that bottom touch the floor give me one more dip come up to the top okay still going to be working on our triceps all we need to come down in the push-up position and we're gonna leave one leg up I'm gonna press up down okay 30 seconds again and in changing leg you know this is a tricky one and if you are struggling you can modify it by just keeping both legs down or if you're getting finding that too hard you can drop your knees to the ground and go up and down just like this all of them are gonna be working these tricep muscles and you can vary up to 10 seconds to go come on push yourselves 5 4 3 2 1 okay your next exercises you're gonna need a weight so I've got Toby's with me here there's five pounds and their next two exercises we're going to be working on our shoulders okay so 30 seconds on the clock it's a bit of a tricky one this time we're gonna go up bring the arms in and then over the top and then bringing it back down out and down okay 30 seconds okay so what a little bit of coordination as well here guys working those shoulders turning ourselves up seeing those Victoria Secret arms the lures look super toned on the catwalk and that's what we're gonna get to guys okay ten seconds to go that's it keep those arms nice and straight did you come up last one push it up okay we rotate those shoulders around we're gonna put the weights back down and between you two bring your arms out to the side we're gonna go round forward for thirty seconds but then we're gonna figure it back for thirty seconds you can wander around too cuz sometimes you get a little bit bored just standing there I always do it when I'm watching TV time for watching TV and threw my arms around makes it makes this very second to go much quicker Alfie come on that's it Circle your arms he's not sure less than ten seconds to go come on keep it going guys you're gonna swap five four three two one that's canons palms up cool I can feel it feel my shoulders working okay keep it going come on hold it up there guys come on stay with me the whole time okay keep breathing guys remember any time you need to take some water you can just press pause you don't want to miss any of the exercises and then you just press play again when you when you've rehydrated come on ten seconds to go go on giving those shoulders a really great workout bye four three two one okay back down pick those weights up again we'll get you a curl and jab okay so one at a time drove it out bring it back in and down thirty Seconds again to try and keep that back nice and straight we don't want our head sticking forward we want to keep a nice neutral spine okay keep though we're working our biceps here okay that's this muscle here come on keep it going yeah see just keep alternating the whole time I want to make sure that we're even ten seconds to go okay keep going come on just think how good those arms been look afterwards feel the pump last one hang down okay we're gonna stay on our biceps it's gonna be one motion okay when I show you how to do it first so we just want you to take your arms up and then you're gonna put them out to the side okay but it's gonna be one motion so the whole thing just like this okay again 30 seconds all these exercises is just for 30 seconds if you do the whole workout video you really are gonna feel the pump try not to have too many breaks I think you've got back nice and straight but head in line just thinking about is getting some salt and putting it over your shoulder I think that's the thing they do with bad luck right put shop put salt over your shoulder they're doing them anyway five four three two one okay we're gonna go back to working out our triceps you've got one more tricep one more shoulder one more bicep exercise less so when you were to come down we're just gonna do a tricep kickback again 30 seconds how's my assistant doing I think he's just oh he was asleep I just woke him up okay come on keep it going guys you've only got two more exercises after this and they're both just 30 seconds okay come on keep going that's it keep those knees nice and bent and those arms straight out if you get to the back ten seconds Carl keep it going who just got a minute of exercise left in three two one okay backing onto those shoulders going to come down keep that back straight and we're just gonna take the weights out to the side now by this time you might be struggling so if your shoulders are starting to shake and your arms I know my own arm out you might not be able to take the weight all the way up to the side so just keep springing up as high as you can but I don't want you to pull you up like this keep that back nice and straight and if it's too heavy you can't drop the weights completely you're still gonna feel the effect top keep going five four three two one okay your last exercise again thirty seconds I'm gonna be working back on those biceps I just we need to holdin it weights down in front of you and I spend in the knees we're gonna hold it up here for five four three two one and drop it down okay we've got thirty seconds total okay keep it going 20 seconds more there's gonna be holy you're here though be each time just for five seconds and there's a small drop down and then straight back up again four three two one okay you're halfway five come on count with me two one ten seconds to go five four three two one and your last five seconds I can feel my biceps working you should be able to see yours two one and release okay you can drop those weights down I remember at home if you don't have any weights you can always just use tin cans of food they do just as good a job well I wanna say thank you very much to my lovely assistant Alfie he's a isn't really helpful today and thank you for joining me today on the Victoria Secret Angel wings workouts ex hit has also got loads more Victoria Secrets workouts we've been working out but we've got one for the legs and abs so make sure you check those out subscribe to the channel it is free and if you hit this leap right now you can sent a free newsletter my name is Rebecca

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