How to Get Lean Legs: Calf Toner

everyone i'm rebecca louise i'm your trainer for today on exit now loads of you have been asking me for a calf workout so guess what that's exactly what we're going to do today and we're going to start off i just want your feet hip width apart and we're going to do real slow 15 calf raises okay so i don't want your heels to touch the floor we're just going to go up and down nice and slowly so you just want a slight bend in those knees now if you're wanting to bulk up then i suggest that you use a heavier weight and you do lower repetitions but if you just want to tone use a lower weight or no weight like i am right now and you do more repetitions okay so let you clear up a few questions that you guys have been asking now it might look like just a really small movement but it really is going to strengthen up those casts that's it so just lifting off those heels and then bringing it back down but try and not get those heels to touch the ground okay excellent job we've only got 15 of these hope someone's counting okay five four that's it three more nice and slow and give me one more okay give those legs a little bit of a shake we're gonna go on to one legged okay so it's good for your balance if you just hook your foot around the other ankle i'm just gonna go up nice and slowly 12 each now this one's slightly harder so you can put your heel down on the floor [Music] now you can see that i'm wobbling it's because i had a hockey game at the weekend and my calves were super tight and i know why it's because i didn't drink enough water and i always need a banana really helps get rid of the cramp and avoid it actually avoids cramped completely okay keep it going just 12 on each leg that's it give me two more [Music] and feel the bed already okay let's swap over to the other leg if you need to at any time just give those calves a stretch and let's change over to the other leg 12 again that's it think about holding your core tight too that's going to be really good for your balance and if you just look straight forward and concentrate you'll find it much easier i get distracted because i'm just talking too much keep it going [Music] over halfway [Music] hard two more and raise all the way down okay i'm just going to give my carbs a little bit of a stretch i don't want that to cramp up before the end of the workout now i want you to grab some weights here i'm going to take the heavier weights and you're just going to probably need about three meters in front of you i want you to raise up onto your toes and we're just gonna walk forward okay so nice and high on those toes take your time and then as you turn around i want you to turn your feet inwards okay and then get high again on those on the balls of your feet so we're walking the outside of those calf muscles and then as you turn around we're then going to turn our feet outwards and then coming up on our toes like a ballerina in first position that's it go and really feel it in those calf muscles okay and then last time back we're just going to do it how we did at the beginning nice and high on those calf muscles onto the balls of the feet and then you're done put those weights down let's go on to the next exercise we're just going to do 30 seconds of little quick hops okay so right onto the balls of your feet tiny little hops just working those calf muscles and this is a great exercise that you can do when you're brushing your teeth blow drying your hair get your workout done at the same time you all know that i do squats when i'm brushing my teeth maybe i'll add this one into it might be quite tricky because jump it up and down okay keep it going guys excellent job that's it nice small little bounces on the balls of your feet [Music] okay and release okay we're gonna do some clio raises so i want your feet in seconds so nice and wide feet turned out we're just gonna go down and we're just gonna come up and then slowly down make sure those heels don't touch the ground and we've got 15 of these that's it again keep that core nice and tight look straight forwards [Music] so really bring those feet onto the balls the balls of your feet okay keep it going and remember if you do want to bulk up you want to use heavier weights but with lower repetitions and if you don't want to bulk up you want to tone that's it just let those go is it give it a bit of a stretch if you do just want to just tone up then you want to use a lower weight but more repetitions okay for your next exercise you're gonna still use some weights but if you do at home have a ball then grab that i just want you to put it against the back of the wall okay so now once you've got the ball behind the wall i want you to bend down pick up those weights [Music] and i want you to go down to about 90 put those weights just on top of your knee not on your kneecap just in front of it and you're going to lift those calves up you're going to push and then push up so your legs are straight okay so you've got 15 of these now never want your heels to touch the ground okay all the way down to 90 push and then up again keep that leg straight as you should really be filling in those calves now should be getting super tight remember you've got to drink lots of water that's going to avoid you getting some cramp okay keep it going [Music] you've just got one more exercise after this so keep pushing all the way to the end [Music] great job you can feel my legs are starting to go it means they're working that's it keep those heels off the ground all the time almost done two more come on keep it going last one make sure you're making it count okay and relax gently put those weights down and you're finished with the ball so your last exercise just 30 seconds long we're gonna hold up for ten we're gonna drop down but not a heel stretching the ground and then back up again three times okay you ready so let's hold here for 10 seconds try and get the highest you can on the balls of those toes keep that core pulled in looking straight ahead for balance okay and again holding it up you can feel it hurting now guys it should be trembling your legs should be shaking okay last 10 seconds drop it down back up again go on really onto the top of those toes oh you can feel those calves working okay and relax okay now remember it's really important to stretch out after especially when you've been using your calf so much so a great exercise that you can do is just bending over keeping this leg slightly bent and just holding onto your toe if you can't reach you can just put your legs flat on the floor and hold it down like this okay well there you have it there's your calf workout and that has been designed especially because you guys wanted it at home and if you guys have got any questions or queries or there's a workout that you want then make sure you leave a comment at the bottom of this video and we will do our very best to make it especially for you my name's rebecca louise you can 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