How to Lose Belly Fat: 5 Minute Abs

have you guys at home got five minutes well excellent because today on x here we are doing five minute abs we've got five exercises one minute each long so taking it down to the ground we're going to start with spider-man planks okay so we've got a minute of these we're just going to bring the knee out to the elbow now i want to make sure that we're keeping our tummy nice and pulled in we don't want our bottom sticking in the air when i keep it down nice and flat nice and neutral and just keep inhaling and exhaling make sure those hands are underneath those shoulders and just bringing the knee out to the elbow now this exercise routine is just five minutes long and who hasn't got five minutes in the morning just to get a good ab workout in okay great start everyone let's go on like we started that's it keep breathing you're almost there now you're ready to turn on to the next exercise in five four three two one okay now coming onto your back we've got one minute taking out a hip thrust okay so the legs go out it's just a small motion and as our legs extend we're working those lower abdominals certainly hard to talk during this one okay that's it great job guys just make sure that when you go up you come down your feet are just a couple of inches off the ground here it's definitely hard to talk when you're doing this exercise great job guys keep it going that's it squeeze and then bring your hips up okay let's keep it going extend the legs my mat is moving all over the place i'm going to keep going so i've just got 10 seconds left five four three two one okay just gonna straighten my mat out a little bit we're gonna come down to the side and we've got 30 seconds on each side oblique crunches so we're going to be working this side muscle come on guys really give it everything you've got you've only got five minutes so you've got to really put in the effort to make it worthwhile that's it squeeze excellent job everyone now remember we've got to switch it on to the other side okay in five four three two one there's gritsy switch it over i'm gonna come up again okay again 30 seconds you're gonna make sure that if we do one side we always do the other side because we don't want to turn out lopsided that's it really crunch those obliques think about someone just punching you in the side and you're just squeezing up keep it going come on less than 10 seconds and we're gonna go on to our next exercise three two one now come up onto your side going to do a plank we're going to hold it here for 30 seconds and then we're going to reach through okay so just 30 seconds of reach throughs and then you're almost halfway through your workout in fact you are great job everyone now remember if you've always got more time on your hands then exit has got eight minute abs you've got six minute abs 10 minute abs or if you've got less time you've already got three minute abs so as long as you're getting some ab work in let's switch over to the other side some ab work in just a little bit every day take it on for 30 seconds you really are going to see the improvement in those abs i can tell just from the beginning when i was doing these workouts to now i've really seen the definition and the change and lots of you have been tweeting me as well telling me and showing me pictures which is fantastic of your body changing and toning up okay we've got one more exercise to do let's give me one more reach through pull it up okay your last exercise keep those legs nice and flat arms above your head and we're just going to pull up and stretch over those legs now we've got a minute for this one and this is a great exercise you can do when you're just in between adverts just get down on the ground come off your sofa and work out those abs now this is a really good one because it not just necessarily works the top part of your abs but the lower part of your abs as well which is the most important and most hardest part to work is those lower abs great job everyone come on you got to keep going all the way to the end come on push yourselves it's only five minutes it's nothing it's easy you can do it i don't want to hear any of you at home saying it's too hard or giving up i know who you are keep it going come on you've just got five seconds to go come on let's see if you give me one more pull it up and gently down really slow and release those arms great job guys well there you have it if you've got five minutes make sure you get five minute abs in if you've got longer then check out x hits 10 minute abs we've got eight minute abs and six minute abs thanks for joining me today if you've got any questions about the exercises we did or anything else relating to fitness you can tweet me at the model pilot or facebook rebecca louise fitness subscribe to the channel and hit this button here for our fantastic newsletter thanks for working out with me today and make sure you keep on improving those abs

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