Improve Your Posture With Just 3 Exercises! ( NO MORE ROUNDED SHOULDERS)

hey guys dr. Christy Ennis physical therapist personal trainer and nutritionist and today I am going to go over three exercises that you can do to help improve your posture just three exercises really simple and easy to do you can do them at work you can do that at home you can even do some of them in the car and it doesn't take very much time at all now why is it important posture plays a big role in how our bodies feel so a lot of times we've got the forward head the rounded shoulders the back starts to lean forward and that all leads to headaches neck pain shoulder pain back pain so it's really important that we work on getting ourselves in that good posture for our bodies the other problem is when we don't have good posture it will affect our workouts so you can't actually strengthen effectively or have the best workout you can unless things are aligned the way they need to be so again I'm going to show you three exercises these are going to be your foundation to start I tell people to try to do these every hour at least the head and the shoulder blade one whenever you can so we're going to work on helping to strengthen some of the back supporting muscles and then open up those front muscles and let's get started sitting up tall you're going to take your chin and gently pull it back it should not be painful at all and it's a very small motion you want to make sure that none of the other parts of the body are moving if you're not sure what you're doing placing your hand underneath helps give you a little biofeedback a little guidance as you're moving the next one is squeezing those shoulder blades together and I like to tell people think about lengthening the collar bones that way you don't hike your shoulders up when you go to do this exercise the next one is with your chair if you have a chair that only goes up mid way you're going to lean right over that chair trying to keep those elbows open to open up the front of the chest and then help that middle part of the spine to open if that bothers your shoulders you can easily just cross your arms over your chest to get the same idea again trying to open up again on to the backrest if you don't have a chair like my lovely office chair you can take a ball and that will give you something then to lean right over and again with either one of those arm positions so those are some easy ways to start to correct your posture and to start feeling better if you liked what you saw today please share it with your friends and family and anybody that might benefit from some of this information also please subscribe for more information on injury prevention treatment and nutrition thanks guys

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