Indoor Walking Workout (15 minutes)

five years ago and I started my fitness journey I had no idea where to start initially I tried running by hated it I was tired and I didn't lose any weight so I stopped running and I just walked and to my surprise I got incredible results I'm Holly doki and today I'm going to share with you an exact indoor walking routine that you can do that is proven to lose weight so grab some water and let's get started today I'm wearing hair at times hero this seamless addition top and bottoms the material is thick and durable and the type design complements your figure really well you can grab 10% off your first order with the coupon code Holly dholki just use the link in the description box below ok guys so we are starting off with walking it's the first movement is just standard walking you can bring your legs up as high as you want you can get the pace going as tough as you want you can move around like I'm doing and you can actually just move around the room all you need to do is just jog on the spot for 30 Brett the next move is going to be standing still sorted I'm doing is bringing an army to our elbows contracting on the core to keep that leg was sucked into the spies and just make sure that your elbows are touching your knee every single time [Music] excellent now just go straight back to whoop it again all you want to do is remove your arms March either on the spot or a mirror [Music] now we're just going to go exercise lunges so you're alternating between each leg all you want to do is go down as far as possible and make sure to engage your leg muscles and your glutes are squeezed as you come up every single time after the lunch [Music] again much those arms bring those legs up if you want to pick up the pace here like I do it please do don't forget you can move around the brute [Music] now we're going to do arm circles all I do is bring your arms up straight out and do small circles forward you're gonna be doing this for 15 seconds and then switching so keep going and I'll switch to go back be sure to keep those arms up and make sure you really put some of your fingers out and engage the muscles throughout the arms now back into the other size what's a walking again make sure you are really stuck in that neighborhood to spine we want to engage our core every single time we're moving our arms and bringing the legs up you can absolutely put some music on here as well if you want to get jazzy with it [Music] excellent now going to squat Fisher's always need to do is bring your hands to touch the floor so what you want to do is you just want to slide down your carbs and you want to touch the floor impossible this is gonna help to engage your obliques and it's going to help to lean it anyways if you can't get too low with the squat no problem at all if you can only throw to around the knee that's a no issue [Music] next thing now first I see my drool King Simba to breathe when you guys are walking you want it inhale and exhale [Music] pick up the pace if you guys want to get your heart rate up [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] this power key to the next group is gonna be standing and leg raises so all I want you to do is just bring that leg up and then tap the floor so up and tap when you are lifting your leg and really make sure you're engaging the glute muscles and squeezing your bum every single time that leg is coming up you only want to tap the floor for a second and then kick it back out again make sure the toes pointed and the leg is straight again thirty Seconds here we're going to pick up the pace here I'm gonna do a little power walk inside that's it get it going move around move forward back now just switch it up a bit get those arms going extra thousand switches the other side those standing necroses to again keep the legs straight toes pointed and squeeze your glute muscles at the top I like to pretend I'm a ballet dancer here [Music] let's kick it up and down up and down keep that pool sucked in excellent okay now you guys want to do laps around a room that's no problem you can do that too I love doing this it's such a great way to do indoor walking and also combine – humming exercises weight loss and toning in one big eyes now the next trip's gonna beat steps behind – but you're going to be moving your arms to engage your triceps so you want step 5 but make sure you're after contact with it so with this move you're going to be engaging your legs your glutes and your arms to keep the core contracted suck the navel into the spine keep your legs dead straight as they go back squeeze the glutes and squeeze the triceps so guys keep going this oversized now back into the marching bring those legs up [Music] switch their buddies sidewalks now that's going next we're going into its bicycle punches the balancing so all I want you to do is be an emotion foresight position and just bring those knees to the elbows switching foot plate so in in in make sure you're exhaling inhaling and get those elbows engage your upset right guys up back up straight into the walk again remember if you guys want to pick up the pace and do a power walk you're more than welcome to or if you want to take it slow like I am doing that's absolutely fine as well just make sure that you're really getting your arms into it and your legs [Music] do slow at mountain climbers so you want to be in a high plank position core engage bug-type and I want you to bring that knee are moving chest so in and back [Music] [Applause] right what life I have to get into the walk me believe in something and you say you're done pretending that indoor walking I think it's so bright especially with the weather is horrible outside training what's snowing what's too windy this is the perfect thing to do inside go find a place where you can't be the victor plus you don't have to worry about wrapping up alright that's it guys to keep going really get those bums and gays or so straight down on the floor and out for push-ups now if you guys have to strengthen you can do normal push-ups please go into the normal plank position and do so if not like me you need to modify it go down to your knees and just do the push-up like I am doing again it makes sure that your spine is neutral sucking the navel into the spine and you're squeezing your shoulder blades and your hearts rise back up and we're going back into the wards to bring those knees up construct the core number inhale exhale set the navel into the spine this is how you gonna get the most out your walking is by making sure that you are engaging all of your muscles [Music] wellthat now we're just gonna go into reverse lunges so all I want you to do is taught innately sweet each leg every single time you're coming back up into the standing position I need you to squeeze your glutes and suck the navel into the spine this is gonna include your bum and it's also going to help to turn up the legs as you're going down into the reverse lunge it's so squeeze inhale and exha

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