Insane 10 Min Abs Workout Abs BURN #1minchallenge

welcome everybody! Welcome to a brand new program. This is the one-minute challenge, where we will do each exercise for a full minute. I have four brand new episodes in this program for three weeks. The goal here is to compare your progress on the first day with the last day, to see how much you have improved during this period of time. You will feel a sense of accomplishment when you see Your ability to perform more exercises during these three weeks. Therefore, make sure that you follow the daily schedule on my website and either record or write your progress so that you can share your results with the rest of the participants in the comments or on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Are you ready? Let's get started! We have 8 exercises in 10 minutes, abdominal muscle training, 60 seconds for each exercise with 15 to 30 seconds of rest between the exercises. I will recommend that you record the number of movements you are doing here on your phone or something, so that you can be reassured and compare your progress in one day to the 21st of the month. This program is just get to the mat and let's get started! We're going to do a plank position with hip dips. Get into a plank position on your elbows, and lower your hips from one side to the other. We're trying to engage and contract your abdominal muscles here. You'll get progressively more difficult in these exercises, because each exercise is a full minute. Therefore, know the limits of your body and your strength. Rest if you need to rest, and you are not forced to do these exercises for a full minute if you can, and every person is at a different fitness level. Just rest and write down the number that you did, and come back and move on to the next exercise. Great job guys, 15 seconds of rest now and a rise and roll is next. Lie straight on the mat, with your hand above your head, and raise yourself forward to engage and engage your abdominal muscles. Try to keep your heels on the floor and make sure you engage. Your abdominal muscles and work with all your ability to finish the exercises appropriately, every minute and as soon as you reach your limit, rest and write down the number that you did 15 seconds of rest and now the Spiderman Plank is next. Enter the high plank position, and raise your knee towards Your elbow, to touch your elbows. If you are not able to touch your elbows well, that is okay, my dear. Just make sure that you go as far as you can. We only have 8 exercises in this group and we are about to exercise the fourth, so make sure that you reach the end. Exercise and do not give yourself too much rest, just rest if you need to rest. The goal here is to see your progress over time. Good work, guys! 15 seconds of rest now. Flip yourself onto your back and the Reverse Krang is next. Lay with your back flat on the mat. And raise your hips using your core muscles in your abdomen, he answers by engaging and contracting your abs here, and do the movement at your own pace guys, and it's not a competition just do as many numbers as you can in this one full minute and take a break whenever you need. Also, great job, guys! 30 seconds rest. Now, rest, stop the video, but if you need a long break, I hope you are feeling well. The low boat to the folded knee is next. Get into a high boat shape, then lower yourself down into the low boat position, while looking forward and Your shoulders do not touch the ground, then lift your chest using your abdominal muscles. Bring your legs in, then come back and repeat. We are about halfway through the exercises, guys, so make sure you reach the end of the exercise. Only 3 more exercises and done! Great job everyone! 15 seconds of rest now! Turn yourself into a high plank position to do the following exercises. It is to raise the leg and cross the length of the body reflexively. Start by raising one leg, then push your knee toward the opposite side of the elbow and repeat with the other leg. Do not forget that you are doing the movement at your own pace here. Just try to work with as much of your ability and the number possible. To exercise, then rest. I needed rest. There is nothing wrong with it if you cannot exercise for a full minute! You will become much stronger and able to do exercises in the end. Great job guys! Flip yourself into a sitting position and bring your legs in and out with variation is next. With your hands still on the mat, bend yourself back and extend your legs to your right, then pull them toward your chest, then extend to your left and repeat. We're almost there, guys! Just one more exercise after this and you'll be done! You are capable! 15 seconds of rest now and the final exercise is plank with jumps. Get into the plank position, then jump with your legs out and then in while engaging your abdominal muscles. Don't give up, guys! This is the ultimate exercise! And that's exercise, guys! I hope your abdominal muscles feel the burn, and you did a great job on completing this exercise. Leave me comments about the number of repetitions you did, and let me know in three weeks of your progress in the exercises. Click like and subscribe and I will see you in the next exercise. Goodbye!

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