INTENSE Lower Ab Workout! | 10 Minutes (TIGHTEN YOUR ABS)

[Music] my father works when YouTube channel today we are doing an intense below about what up don't forget to hit the like and subscribe button for more my workouts but if you guys are ready make sure you've done a little show before and you've got some alternate back to the job straighten okay guys so tip again we're going to roll back nice and slowly onto the floor of the mats and what you're going to be starting off with is Allegro ages but with your legs crossed as you can see here you're basically just going to be doing a leg lift into a crunch make sure when you're doing this you are really thinking about squeezing your lower abs and you really are lifting the pelvis off the floor here it's really gonna help to engage your lower abs we're going to be doing 10 on the left side and then 10 on the right side in total okay and we're going to switch over to the other side push-ups so make sure when you guys are doing this – just bring your legs down as far as they can make me go stand their backs and coming over the floor if that really means that you can only go half way that's absolutely fine just do whatever is best for your body [Music] like right so the next stalk what you guys are going to do is believe crunches so they're going to be pointed out and then when you come in you're basically gonna have two elbows touching your agency yeah so when you do bring your feet and make sure that it's pointed as they comment then flexed so we're doing ten there a tip that I like to do is when I am bringing my knees in I like to try and engage one whole of my lower abs I'm in control I'm slightly [Music] basically we're going to repeat that whole circuit again so we been doing leg raises or without being crushed so 10 per side again so cross over your feet let's look love to be one two three four five you're halfway eight and then we're going to go straight down [Music] nine one world guys and amazing so again we're just going to go straight into those froggy chromatids again so make sure point two toes flex and as you come in and make sure your legs and wings are going outwards and then touching your elbows [Music] to really think about engaging your whole core while you're doing this because I would really help make sure you're breathing as well [Music] quite wet fights up on to the next circuit so it basically as you can see you know who I am doing this support position that you bring their laptops everybody they be pushing your hand against your new crazy and resistant and you're gonna hold it for a second so one two three switch to the other leg and one two three basically make sure that we really are pushing as hard as you can to get your meats that way it's closing to the best resistance it's really going to help intensify and engage your core muscles [Music] let's emphasize that you guides performing it is a new boat so I basically cut the arms behind you and you know basically be making a you with your feet this is really gonna help to engage your lower abs and we're doing 10 in total then [Music] fantastic so we're going to repeat the whole set that events are going to be doing the resistant crunches ten again and then we're going to be with you feeling the 10 votes [Music] some straightened guys said one two three one two three one two three one two three again make sure you really are pushing as hard as you can it might begin to hurt your arms but that's good because it means you're really pushing and creating a good resistance here with your legs my abs was definitely hurting after this one and plastic work okay so now we're going on to the u-boat again performing ten so one two three four five six make sure you are sucking in your belly button to your spine pull ooh excellent let's go on to the next circuit so the next circuit is a hop up think so I shouldn't see what I'm doing is I'm lifting myself up and I'm basically pushing my legs forward and then push them back this may seem odd but it really does help and it was killing my stomach afterwards so we're doing ten of these in total if your bum brushes to floor that's absolutely by my history listen to the whole workout and that's okay as long as your BIOS parts pushing on whole body on the floor that was fine just want to make sure that you're completely raised [Music] okay now we're going to flip over and maybe we're going on to all fours into a point position and we're going to be doing meet up twists so bring your knee over to your body and hold as you can see that I'm performing here this is really going to help engage the lower abs and the obliques excellent so we are going to repeat that circuit again guys so start with the hobbit' place [Music] and let's go so push yourself up and bring yourself forward and back like a rocking motion make sure again you are sucking your bellybutton into your spine in a really thing about engaging the muscles with the whole time and then back over to the point position within the crossovers so onto a plank one knee up hold and then switch to the other side two three four five six seven 8:00 tomorrow 9 and 10 amazing and we're just going to go straight in to top of jumpers in a moment we're going to be doing 10 it then that's just to get your heart rate up and again engage the lockups so let's jump in with those so push yourself up and in 1 2 3 [Music] we're going to do one more set of those below [Music] and let's go again so bring yourself into a plank position and jump in which is before we finish hold that right think about you gauging the core muscles [Music] now you can collapse welcome guys so that at the end of the workout eyes I hope you really did enjoy doing this a lower intense ab workout the mazes I really enjoyed filming it view don't forget to hit like and subscribe button because I upload a new video every single Thursday please leave me a comment below on what you thought with the video or leave me a comment for any other routines for me to do here but I hope you guys are but I've been morning afternoon evening whatever time it's for you and I'll see you guys on Sunday [Music]

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